What Is A True Two Tone Engagement Ring?

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If you can’t decide on just one metal color for your engagement ring, two tone engagement rings are perfect for you! Two tone engagement rings feature your choice of two metal colors, all within one beautiful lab-created diamond ring. Many jewelry companies offer what they call ‘two tone’ but it is not a true two tone. It is a white, rose or yellow gold base that gets plated to turn it into another metal color. This plating wears off and has to be redone over and over again as you wear the ring. The main reason customers or jewelers lean toward plating is that it’s cheaper and less labor intensive. If you are looking for a true two tone ring that will last forever, however, plating is not worth it in the long run.

At MiaDonna, we only craft true two tone engagement rings. We will never use plating to change the colors on a ring. It is worth being done the correct way the first time; we want you to enjoy and admire your engagement ring for a lifetime! 

Two Tone Engagement Ring

A true two tone engagement ring is what you see in the images below. The designer creates the ring in CAD first, and casts each piece of the ring in the correct metal color. Then, the pieces are all assembled together to create one complete ring. This does not need to be replated over time as the color is permanent and will not wear off. The ring will need to be cleaned and polished like any other as it wears over time, but the color will stay true!

two-tone engagement ring

At MiaDonna, we offer a two tone engagement ring collection inspired by the iconic streets and neighborhoods of our hometown Portland, Oregon. Each ring can be handcrafted in either single or two-tone 100% recycled precious metal. Shop all two tone engagement rings now and begin crafting your dream ring, just in time for Valentine’s Day!