Why We Volunteer and Give Back

Article by Bailey

At MiaDonna, we’re passionate about changing not only the diamond mining landscape for the future, but helping wherever we can to rebuild the damage done to places and communities around the world. On top of already providing upwards of 20% of our annual profits to our charity foundation, The Greener Diamond, the entire MiaDonna team spends a day doing volunteer work every quarter. We wanted to share with you the importance of why we volunteer and give back. 

We work with many different organizations, from the Children’s Book Bank to Friends of Trees to our most recent volunteering afternoon spent at the Good Neighbor Center. We love getting to learn about how these foundations are also helping with the issues of illiteracy and access to books, preserving and rebuilding our planet and assisting different families and groups with whatever they need to succeed and have a comfortable and safe life. During our time at the Good Neighbor Center, our team came together to organize and clean up supplies for families who are transitioning in and out of different situations. We made it easier for them to find the necessary supplies for things like cooking and baking; basic items many of us often take for granted. We are really glad to be able to help out such an important organization!  

Volunteering is important to us because it gives us hands-on experience and really introduces us to the issues going on in the world around us and how we can all help and do our part, even if it’s something small. Being able to see the outcome of coming together as a team to help those in need really reminds us that we all need to play a part in changing the world for the better.

If you follow along with us at The Greener Diamond, you probably know how excited we are to be able to give back and create sustainable projects and initiatives such as our Agricultural Training Center in Liberia and Greener Diamond Farm in Sierra Leone, and we continue to do all we can to help in countries all around Africa. We're looking forward to the upcoming projects and plans we have this year and can’t wait to share them with you!

All of the projects we create to help improve the livelihood of individuals and preserving our beautiful planet would not be able to be done without your help! Even if you feel like you aren’t helping or doing as much as you potentially could, you are helping. With every MiaDonna purchase, you’re helping assist us in improving conditions for different families and individuals and helping us continuously make positive changes for our planet. We are grateful for our customers and will always do everything we can to give back.

To learn more about The Greener Diamond and the projects we've been able to complete as well as your part in it, click here to read more!