Why Should You Choose Lab Grown Diamonds?

Article by Adam

It’s no surprise that we’re passionate about the Earth, the communities living on it, and making ethical and sustainable choices when it comes to jewelry. Some people aren’t aware that lab grown diamonds are a thing, some people prefer mined diamonds, some people like diamond hybrids, and some people prefer recycled diamonds.


There are pros and cons of any choice you’ll make when it comes to purchasing jewelry, but have you ever wondered why it’s so important that we educate ourselves when deciding whether or not to choose lab grown diamonds? We have put together a little list of the most important aspects to consider when considering lab grown diamonds instead of earth mined diamonds.


Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Lab Grown Diamonds are Better for the Environment


When you purchase mined diamonds, you’re purchasing a Conflict Diamond. MiaDonna defines Conflict Diamond as, “A conflict diamond is any diamond that is unsustainable, thereby contributing to a negative impact on the environment, society and economy.” We feel it is important to define a conflict diamond in a much broader scope, incorporating the protection of the environment as well as the native communities who live in these areas and are often forced to mine for diamonds.


When you purchase lab grown diamonds however, you’re helping improve the environment by not contributing to the demand to mine for diamonds and dig up the earth. Lab grown diamonds are created by placing a ‘seed’ into a chamber of heat and pressure. This chamber mimics the natural growing process that occurs in the earth. Crystallization occurs allowing the diamond to mature within six to ten weeks. It is then cut, polished and graded by the same world renowned labs that certify earth mined diamonds.


By working closely with the world's most scientifically advanced diamond growers and cutters who share our core values, we are able to offer exceptional lab grown diamonds that are affordably priced and conflict free. We pride ourselves on being a leading lab grown diamond retailer and know that not all grown diamonds are created equally. MiaDonna offers the best, ethically sourced, Type IIA lab grown diamonds available.


Lab Grown Diamonds are Better for Communities around the World Forced into Mining


Despite what the earth mined diamond industry wants you to believe, the mining, distribution and sale of conflict diamonds is a still a major issue that needs to be addressed. Tens of thousands of men, women, children, and infants are being tortured, raped and killed by rebels who are known to still be using conflict diamonds as a source of funding.


Then there is the issue of the working conditions in the diamond cutting and polishing houses. India’s diamond processing industry, though the world’s largest, is facing multiple issues with labor conditions as well as blatant child labor violations. It is important that consumers make educated purchases. We cannot stress enough how important this is. Every purchase you make supports something. You can either support a corporation that exploits people, animals and the environment, or you can buy items from philanthropic companies who help their local communities and invest in the world!


Lab Grown Diamonds are Identical to Mined Diamonds and a Clear Ethical Alternative


There are truly very little differences between earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds. You can compare them based on the color, clarity, cut, price, and hardness, to see that they’re nearly identical. Click here to compare lab-grown and mined side-by-side.


Lab Grown Diamonds are More Affordable


Lab-grown diamonds tend to cost up to 40% less than earth-mined diamonds. Beware though, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is! A genuine lab-grown diamond retailer will be transparent with you when assisting you with a purchase, and provide you all of the necessary information to help you to make an informed decision.


All Lab Grown Diamond Purchases from MiaDonna Support a Charity Foundation.


We give 5% of every purchase back to our charity foundation, the Greener Diamond Foundation (TGD). TGD works alongside MiaDonna to work towards the goal of eliminating the demand for conflict diamonds, while also rebuilding mining communities.


There are three main goals at TGD: To give back to those who have suffered from the earth-mined diamond trade, to inspire a generation independent of the current unethical industry of conflict diamonds, and to educate jewelry consumers about the role they play in purchasing conflict diamonds.


the greener diamond making the world better with lab grown diamonds

Photo above: Our Founder and CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson, in Liberia for the Greener Diamond Foundation.


There are many more reasons you should look into purchasing lab grown diamonds versus earth mined diamonds, but we feel these are the most important. Doing your research and being an informed consumer is a great way to educate yourself further on the diamond industry, and ultimately, you’ll choose the option best for you. We hope to continue helping our customers find the perfect lab grown diamond piece, rebuilding mining communities and improving this beautiful planet we live on!