You're Married, But Now What?

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Congratulations! You are finally married, could life be any better? The stress of the wedding is over and now your days can be spent making memories as a married couple and planning your future together. There is only one small catch - going from Miss to Mrs actually takes a bit more work when it involves changing your last name. 

Here's a list of what comes next....


Get your official marriage certificate - once submitted, this can take up to 6 weeks.
Once your official marriage certificate arrives..... 

Step 1:

Update your Social Security Card and Driver's License - you will need these two items to update everything else.

Step 2:

Update your finances...

  • passport
  • bank accounts
  • checks
  • credit cards
  • investment accounts
  • mortgage, lease, etc. - if needed
  • human resources at your work
  • 401(k)

Update your bills....

  • utilities
  • cell phone
  • cable
  • tv/internet
  • car title
  • student loan(s)
  • insurance - life, home/renters, auto, medical
  • post office - if address changed

Update your legal/medical....

  • doctor's office
  • will or living trust - your parents may need to update theirs too
  • Vet/pet microchip info - if needed
  • voter's registration
  • any other legal documents

Update your personal accounts...

  • online subscriptions
  • print subscriptions
  • library card
  • alumni associations
  • airline miles
  • gym membership
  • social networks
  • etc.