Do you offer a warranty on your settings?

You receive great warranty coverage on your Diamond Hybrid® and Lab Created Gemstone, however, we do not have a warranty on the mounting itself. Most jewelers that are able to offer this kind of warranty require you to bring your ring in every 6 months for maintenance; because we are primarily web based, in order for us to offer this same type of warranty, our customers would have to ship their rings into us twice a year, which would cost approximately $100.00 in shipping. We offer all of our repairs at cost, so we find our customers spend far less by just sending into us if and when maintenance is required versus spending the $100 per year on shipping costs.

That being said, if there is any kind of manufacturing defect on one of our settings we will cover all the costs associated with the repair or remake and reimburse for any shipping fees paid by the customer. We are also happy to offer free cleaning services as well as free center/side stone tightening, with the only cost to you being shipping to and from our location. Other repairs, such as accenting stone replacement, resizing, polishing, prong repair, etc. usually have costs associated with them.