Does the Diamond Hybrid come with any third party tests or reports?

Intertek Northwest, an independent testing firm with a global presence, performed a Raman Analysis on both our Diamond Hybrid® and a natural diamond. The purpose of this test is to show that our Hybrid, with its enhanced amorphous diamond infusion, readily shows a diamonds signature that is in line with the signature of a natural diamond. 

Diamond Hybrid Raman Test

Because the Diamond Hybrid® contains diamond bonds in its outer layer, it spikes at nearly the same frequency as the natural diamond. These diamond bonds account for nearly 85% of the Diamond Hybrid outer layer of man-made diamond. The diamond bonds are called SP3 bonds and are the identical diamond carbon bonds that real diamonds contain. The remaining percentage of bonds are SP2 bonds.

MiaDonna uses the highly recognized Global Gemological Lab (GGL) located in Los Angeles, USA. The GGL grades for many companies you've already heard of like Fred Meyer Jewelers, Kay Jewelers and Jared's. All of our Diamond Hybrid jewelry can be sent to this lab for individual grading. We like the idea of providing our customers grading cards from a real company that has already established themselves as a leader in the diamond grading and appraisal industry in order to offer an independent, unbiased opinion and grading of our Diamond Hybrid. This option is available for only $90.00 at checkout. Please allow 7 extra days for delivery, as your finished jewelry item will be sent to the GGL for testing.

Optional GGL Diamond Hybrid Grading Card

*This is not an appraisal card and can not be refunded or exchanged.