Does the Diamond Hybrid® test positive on a diamond tester?

No, it will not. Traditional diamond testers only measure "heat conductivity". Since the Diamond Hybrid® has a core that is not diamond, the heat dispersion is not the same, so it will test negative.

Please note that traditional diamond testers do not test for the presence of diamond or the SP3 carbon bonds themselves. This is why sometimes white sapphires or moissanite will test positive - moissanite is heavily silicone-based which is a great conductor of heat yet possess no diamond content. A moissanite tester is now available giving jewelers the ability to perform the test with the correct results, meaning they can now identify it as moissanite and not miss-identify it as just a poorly cut diamond with I/J coloring.

If you are looking for a diamond alternative that will test positive on a jeweler's Diamond tester, please have a look at our lab-grown diamonds.