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We work tirelessly to handcraft ethical bridal jewelry that not only looks beautiful, but is guaranteed to last the test of time. From the finest selection of conflict-free diamonds and gems to our eco-friendly recycled precious metals, we truly believe your love deserves nothing but the best.

The signature details of MiaDonna
Lab-Created Diamonds.

Lab-Created Diamonds
Lab-Created Diamonds

Easy on the wallet

Lab-created diamonds provide exception value, priced up-to 40% less than a comparable earth-mined diamond. Get your diamond and that honeymoon too!

Pure carbon – the real deal

Labratory grown diamonds are chemically, optically and physically identical to natural “earth-mined” diamonds.

Unmatched beauty

Available up-to Internally Flawless (IF) in clarity, D in color, Excellent in cut and 10ct in size.

Type IIa

Every MiaDonna lab grown diamond is Type IIa, meaning they are the purest form of diamond available. Only 2% of all earth-mined diamonds are type IIa.

Third party certification

MiaDonna’s grown diamonds come with independent third party certification from the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Socially responsible

Approximately 150 tonnes of earth per carat is left untouched because of consumers choosing a man made diamond over a mined diamond.

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The signature details of MiaDonna
Lab-Created Gemstones.

Lab-Created Gemstones
Lab-Created Gemstones

Vivid color & high clarity

We offer a wide variety of lab-created gemstones including sapphires, rubies. emeralds, padparadscha, and alexandrite.

Identical in every way

Chatham lab-created gemstones have an identical phyical, optical and chemical make-up to their natural mined gemstone equivalent.

Incredible value

Each grown gemstone offered by MiaDonna is approximately 3% the cost of a natural mined gemstone equivalent.

Chatham grown

Every MiaDonna lab-created gemstone is grown by Chatham using the flux fusion method. Chatham is widely known for growing the best gems on earth.

Better for the earth & humanity

Why disrupt the earth or native communities when you don’t have to. Every Chatham lab-grown gem is guaranteed conflict-free.

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The signature details of MiaDonna
Diamond Hybrid®.

Diamond Hybrid
Diamond Hybrid

Incredible value

The spectacular Diamond Hybrid® is 3% the cost of an earth-mined diamond, priced at low flat rate of $358 per carat.

Beauty & choice

Each Diamond Hybrid® is guaranteed D-F in color and VVS1 to VVs2 in clarity, making it the most beautiful and natural looking diamond simulant ever created.

It is also available in a variety of shapes that are not currently available in lab-grown diamonds.

Diamond infused

Every Diamond Hybrid® is created with a non-precious crystal core and a solid outer layer of 85% SP3 carbon bonds (lab-created diamond) that will never wear off or detatch from the core.

Socially responsible

Approximately 150 tonnes of earth per carat is left untouched because of consumers choosing a Diamond Hybrid® over a mined diamond.

Third party verification

Every Diamond Hybrid® comes with an identification card from Global Gemological Laboratory that describes the technology and verifies that the Diamond Hybrid® is created with an infusion of lab grown diamond.

Quality guaranteed

Your Diamond Hybrid® is covered for life with our Lifetime Guarantee and complimentary insurance. Learn more about our warranties here.

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The signature details of a MiaDonna setting.

Style Overview

More metal per setting

To ensure your rings integrity over time, we use more metal per setting than other jewelers with similar styles.

Eco-friendly metals

Every setting is made with solid, eco-friendly (recycled) 14k or 18k Gold, 950 Pure Palladium or 950 Pure Platinum.

Personalized sizing

While we handcraft our settings in standard quarter size increments, we're able to handcraft our settings to fit any size finger - big or small.

And unlike "other" jewelers, our settings are not pre-made. We craft your ring in your size the first time.


By handcrafting every setting from scratch, we're able to provide you with complete creative control. From making a minor adjustment to designing your very own unique setting from scratch, we've got you covered.

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The signature styles on offer at MiaDonna.

Vintage & Antique

Vintage & Antique

Our vintage and antique inspired settings feature all of the romantic and delicate details reminicent of the past. If your after a truly timeless style, a vintage and antique inspired setting is an ideal choice.

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The solitaire setting is a classic and traditional style that combines both simplicity and sophistication. Designed to showcase the center stone, the solitaire pairs well with almost every wedding band.

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Side Stone

Side Stone

Side stone settings are detailed and intricate by nature, featuring smaller accenting stones to enhance the overall brilliance of the center stone and the setting itself.

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When one metal type isn’t enough, why not try two. Available in a variety of styles, two-tone settings offers an on-trend alternative that can as easily be dressed up as it can down.

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Three Stone

Three Stone

Representing the past, present and future, three stone settings are the perfect choice for the sentimental type. Match your center stone shapes or get creative and mix them up.

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With sleek lines, clean details and distinct angles, the modern setting style is as much a work of fine art as it is a statement of eternal love. Perfectly suited for the individual living life against the grain.

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The halo setting is enhanced by a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds that surround the center stone, enhancing the brilliance and size of the center stone.

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Bring your unique vision to life with a custom designed setting. In less than 6 weeks we will have handcrafted and shipped you the ring of your dreams.
It really is as easy as that!

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The customizable options of a MiaDonna setting.

14K Gold

14k Gold (White, Yellow & Rose)

14K gold contains a higher percentage of nickel alloy and is harder than 18K gold. It will wear over time. 14K white gold will yellow after a few years and is more likely to chip, and in some cases can lose metal over time.

14k Gold Statistics
18K Gold

18k Gold (White, Yellow & Rose)

18K gold contains a higher percentage of gold in its make-up and will wear faster than 14K gold. It is not as durable as 14K, and may yellow, chip, or even lose metal over time.

18k Gold Statistics


Palladium is an incredibly dense, durable, and hypoallergenic precious metal, and does not need rhodium plating for its strength or color, making palladium the perfect option for those who love the look, feel, and luxury of platinum jewelry, but prefer the lower price point.

Palladium Statistics


Platinum is one of the strongest and most durable metals used in jewelry. It does not have to be mixed with other alloys for strength, and like Palladium does not need to be rhodium plated to achieve its bright, shiny finish.

Because of its purity, platinum is also hypoallergenic, making it the ideal choice for those with sensitivities to nickel.

Platinum Statistics
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The customizable options of a MiaDonna setting.

4 Prong Head

4 Prong Head

The 4-prong head is the most commonly used option for all center stones. It allows an increased amount of light to enter the diamond which maximizes its brilliance.

5 Prong Head

5 Prong Head

5-prong heads are traditionally used for Pear and Heart shapes. 5-prong heads will have a V-tip, where as a 6-prong head will not.

6 Prong Head

6 Prong Head

A 6-prong head will provide a larger center stone with added security due to the additional prongs. For smaller stones, the additional prongs may decrease the amount of light that enters the diamond, thus slightly reducing its brilliance.

The customizable options of a MiaDonna setting.

Getting your ring size

At MiaDonna we make your ring to the size you order. We do not resize a pre-made ring. This is done to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. And while nothing is more accurate than having your finger measured by a professional, the tools below will help you determine your international ring size.

Size converter

Use our interactive ring sizing tool to get your international ring size.

International Ring Size Converter



  1. Wrap a piece of string or paper around your finger.
  2. Mark the point where the two ends meet.
  3. Measure the string or paper against a ruler to get the circumference (in millimeteres) of your finger.
  4. Divide that number by 3.14 to get the diameter of your finger.
  5. Use the interactive table above to convert your ring size.
Download International Ring Size Chart

Request a FREE ring sizer

If you’d like us to send you a complimentary plastic ring sizer, please fill out the form below. Your ring sizer will be shipped by USPS and will take approximately 7 days to arrive.

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The customizable options of a MiaDonna setting.

Make it personal with custom engraving

Custom engraving is a great way to add a personal touch to any engagement ring or wedding band. Utilizing both hand and computerized laser engraving, we’re able to add your message in six unique fonts for as low as $35.


Available Fonts

Times New
Trajan Pro

What you need to know

  1. Your ring design and diamond position will influence the placement of your engraving.
  2. Some rings may not be engraveable due to the style or material type.
  3. All engraving requests can be made at time of purchase. We will confirm your engraving message via email.
  4. Re-engraving your ring after a resizing will incur a $35 engraving fee.
  5. Please note, rings with custom engraving are not eligible for return or exchange.
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