What are my side stone options?

The technology used to make the Diamond Hybrid® does not allow us the ability to make stones smaller than 0.25ct, so any accenting diamonds under 0.20ct will be natural recycled diamonds or lab-created diamonds. 

  • Natural Diamonds in sizes under 0.20 carat in G/H color. Our Simulated Diamond Hybrid® is currently produced in sizes larger than 0.25 carats. 
  • Super Premium AAAA Cubic Zirconium. We carry a beautiful CZ for people who do not want to use natural side stones to lessen the overall cost of your jewelry or make it 100% mining-free.
  • Lab-Grown Diamonds. Every piece of jewelry can be handcrafted with our man-made diamonds. These are real diamonds in every sense of the word. Click here to learn more about our collection of lab-grown diamonds.
  • No Moissanite or enhanced Moissanite. Because Moissanite has such a glassy look and is I/J colored it does not do a good job of complementing our hybrid which is created to mimic a real diamond. We have tried to accent our rings with Moissanite in the past but have opted not to continue with this because of Moissanite's off color.