What diamond size is right for me?

How big the stone size or carat weight does not determine how much you love your significant other or are loved by your partner. Bigger is not always better and stone size is relative to personal style, stature, hand size, setting preference and budget. The great thing about the affordability of MiaDonna's conflict-free diamond is that you won't have to compromise your preferred stone size because of budget restraints.

The 1 carat center stone used to be the standard "desired" size, now 1.5 and 2 carat are gaining demand. If you have smaller hands and a 6.5 ring size, we recommend you consider a 1 carat or 1.5 carat. If you have larger hands with larger ring size than 6.5, you might want to consider a 2 carat. We don't normally recommend anything over a 2 carat, but again, stone size is about personal preference.

Please print this PDF to see the different carat sizes.