Why MiaDonna?

Because you deserve the ring of your dreams, at a price you adore, while supporting a cause you believe in.

lab grown diamonds
Real lab grown diamonds

Good for You

Every order is handcrafted in the USA just the way you want it within 14 days.

Lab grown diamond value

Good for Humanity

Every purchase is a fundraiser to sponsor projects that repair diamond mining communities.

conflict free lab grown diamonds

Good for the Earth

Our jewelry is made from the highest quality lab-grown and recycled materials.


We’re not your typical jeweler.

When you choose MiaDonna for your next fine jewelry purchase, not only are you getting beautiful and affordable fine jewelry, but you are stopping child labor, protecting the environment, and giving back!

MiaDonna Founder with Lab Grown Diamond

MiaDonna is the world's FIRST Lab Grown Diamond Store.

We were founded in 2005 by a mother determined to free children from a lifetime of unethical diamond mining. It was then that she started working with scientists to grow the first colorless diamond in a lab, and in turn pioneered the lab-grown diamond industry because she knew the only truly conflict diamond was going to be man made.

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Traditional MiaDonna
Ethics Profit first, people second. Foundation first, certified B Corp.
Quality Mass produced overseas Handcrafted in NYC
Center Stones Earth-mined and or lab-grown gems, regardless of the origin or ethics. Lab-grown diamonds and gems from very select reputable sources.
Metals Newly mined 100% recycled
Styles Cookie cutter designs with limited customization 600+ customizable designs
Expertise New to lab-grown or sell conflict earth mined diamonds 15 years offering only lab-grown diamonds.
Customer Service Commission sales people not advocating for the consumer. Full service jewelers with invested, non-commission personal shoppers.
Business Structure Publicly traded large corporations. Woman owned and operated botique.

We Exist to Give Back!

MiaDonna is a Social Enterprise. Simply put, MiaDonna sells conflict-free fine jewelry to be the sustainable funding source for our foundation, The Greener Diamond. At least 10% of the net profits from every purchase are used to fund educational programs, micro-business loans and agricultural farms in diamond mining communities.

Giving back to communities effected by diamond mining
MiaDonna Jewelry

Our Jewelry is Better Quality and Handcrafted in the USA

All our jewelry is handcrafted in the USA within 10 to 14 days. Most other jewelry companies mass produce their rings overseas in pre-stocked, limited sizes with lower gram weights. At MiaDonna, we make your ring, when you order it, in the size you order, using a higher gram weight of metal creating beautiful jewelry that is made to last a lifetime.

Our Diamonds and Gems are Conflict-Free and More Affordable!

We exclusively offer diamonds and gems that come free of any humanitarian and environmental concerns because they are either grown in a modern-day lab environment or sourced from a recycled origin. Not only will you feel proud of the jewelry you are wearing, you will be saving up to 40% compared to an earth mined diamond.

Lab grown Diamonds and Gemstones
Gold and Platinum Rings

Our Gold and Platinum are 100% Recycled

All our precious metals are 100% recycled. This is extremely important because precious metals can be as conflicted as diamonds. Competitors that say they use recycled metals are only using up to 60% recycled metals.

You Build Your Jewelry Just the Way You Want.

Start by choosing a design from our ethical and affordable collection of engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding sets, and accessories. Then make it your own by selecting your center stone type, shape and carat weight (lab-grown diamonds or colored gemstones), recycled metal color, and ring size.

Start building your dream ring now.

Customized Engagement Ring
B Corporation

Our Sustainable Practices are the best in the Industry

You can trust our Sustainable Practices because we are B Corp Certified! This means we have not only met, but exceeded, the highest level of sustainable practices. MiaDonna also ranked #36 in the list of the ‘Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility’ leading brands in the world, beating out such heavyweights as Land Rover, Delta Airlines, Prada, and REI.

Our Service is Exceptional

Our goal is to make your engagement ring shopping fun, relaxing, and safe. Our non-commission lab-grown diamond experts are standing by to be your advocate in finding the best quality lab-grown diamond and fine jewelry at the best price. We offer free 2-day insured domestic shipping, 30-day returns, and complimentary 90-day re-sizing.

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Service in the MiaDonna showroom
Model showcasing MiaDonna Jewelry

MiaDonna is Woman-Owned and Privately Operated

Our founder and active CEO is female, a single mum and is 100% owner of MiaDonna. This means we do not answer to shareholders, board members, large corporations, or DeBeers. We only answer to you, diamond mining communities and the earth.

We are THIS Generations Diamond Store!

When our founder, Anna-Mieke Anderson, discovered she had accidentally purchased a blood diamond, she became passionate about finding a conflict-free option. Knowing there had to be others who felt the same, she set out on a life-long mission to create the Greenest Diamond store the world had ever seen. As a result, MiaDonna & Company and The Greener Diamond Foundation were born. Since then customers like you have helped fund agricultural and education projects in West Africa, where former child soldiers are supported to grow food instead of mine for diamonds.

Founder of MiaDonna

Lab-Grown Diamonds are here to stay. They are real diamonds, available at a fraction of the cost, without the need for destructive mining or conflict.

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Highly recommend MiaDonna to anyone looking for beautiful, conflict-free diamonds and jewelry.

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Trailblazers like Anna-Mieke Anderson, CEO and founder of MiaDonna, had the foresight to use lab-grown diamonds 15 years ago.

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