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Alexandrite Gemstone Engagement Rings

Alexandrite is one of the most magical gemstones there is, changing its colors like a chameleon. The Alexandrite gemstone will appear a greenish blue in sunlight and change its color to a reddish purple in incandescent light.  Alexandrite is also...

Engagement Rings

Top ten conflict-free engagement rings of 2015

Choosing your dream conflict-free engagement ring at MiaDonna is easy, because every ring we offer is guaranteed to be 100% conflict-free; handcrafted just for you using the highest quality eco-friendly precious metals, featuring your favorite lab-created diamond, lab-grown gemstone or our...

Gemstone engagement Rings

Celebrate May with Emerald Birthstone Rings!

April showers have come and gone, flowers are here to blossom and May’s emerald birthstone is here to shine! Emerald symbolizes hope and the future, renewal and growth. Derived from the word “smaragdus,” meaning green in Greek, this gemstone is...

Custom Design

Create your own engagement ring

Custom designed engagement rings are a balance of art and physics. By combining beauty, talent, math and advanced technology our skilled artisanal team can take your vision and turn it into reality. Design Your Own Engagement Ring We have been...

Engagement Rings

9 Rings for the Alternative Bride

Why settle for the same old solitaire when you can create something unique, alternative, and totally unexpected. Mix your metals with a two-tone setting, or mix and match the color of your lab-created diamonds and/or lab-created gemstones – the possibilities...

Bride & Groom Guide

How to order your engagement ring

Ordering Online with MiaDonna We know all too well that ordering online can be a daunting task. So that’s why we went ahead and created a simple ordering process that takes the stress out of shopping online. Now you can...


Why everyone should buy their engagement ring online

It’s the 21st century, most of us spend the day on our computers, tablets or phones, either conducting business or socializing...AND let’s not forget the shopping! While a lot of us are comfortable buying jeans, books or housewares online, buying...