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Bride & Groom Guide

Choosing her wedding band

Wedding Bands universally symbolize commitment and everlasting love between a couple, but the way they look or how they “match” your engagement ring is entirely up to personal taste. According to, your engagement ring and wedding band should complement...

Men's Bands

The top 5 men's wedding band finishes

Traditionally men’s wedding bands are much simpler than a woman’s, with design choices leaning towards classic styles and high polish finishes. However, while a high polish is still a top favorite, we are seeing the trends shift and more men...

MiaDonna Jewelry

New Spring Arrivals!

Due to popular demand, we are continuously growing our catalog of MiaDonna eco-friendly bridal jewelry. We are excited to announce our latest engagement ring and wedding band arrivals! Remember, you can always customize your ring with your choice of lab-grown...


Top Eco-Friendly Jewelry Finds Under $1,000

With the holidays right around the corner, we've rounded up our Top Eco-Friendly Jewelry Finds Under $1000 - whether you are looking for a ring, wedding band, or accessory, there is something for everyone!   Willow Wedding Band - $590.00...

Anna-Mieke Anderson

2015 – The Year for Lab-Grown Diamonds!

We have arrived! MiaDonna CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson shares what an amazing year this has been for lab-grown diamonds! I am thrilled to be one of the industry pioneers forging this new era in diamonds. We are doing things now that I...