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Celebrity Engagement Rings

Katie Holmes Engagement Ring Replica

The Kat Antique Engagement Ring at MiaDonna was inspired by the Engagement Ring Tom Cruise gave to Katie Holmes. The ring features a custom fit 2.5 carat Oval Cut Diamond Hybrid® center stone, however, is also available with a lab created...

affordable engagement rings

Our FAVORITE Engagement Rings Under $1000

DID YOU KNOW? MiaDonna has your dream engagement ring, at a price you’ll adore! The MiaDonna Team’s Favorite Engagement Rings Under $1000 There is no need to shop until you drop this Holiday Season. We have made it easy for...

Engagement Rings

10 brilliant round cut engagement rings

Do you love round brilliant cut diamonds? Well, you're not alone. The round cut is by far the most preferred diamond shape, and here's why. Firstly the sparkle - the round cut is the most optically brilliant with its 360-degree symmetrical shape. Also, the...

Engagement Rings

What does a 1.0ct engagement ring look like?

Dreaming of the day you’ll give or receive an engagement ring can inspire many visions, from the magical moment to the words you will say, however, the most obvious foresight is THE RING. What will it look like and, more importantly...

Custom Engagement Rings

Featured Custom Halo Engagement Ring

Designing your own custom engagement ring has never been easier. MiaDonna’s team of skilled artisans combine beauty, talent, and advance technology to bring your designs to life. This featured ring was inspired by a Gabriel & Co. design. Filigree was...

Custom Engagement Rings

Featured Turtle Custom Engagement Ring

For those of you who just can’t seem to find the perfect ring, MiaDonna can help you design your custom engagement ring. Our team of skilled artisans can turn your vision into a reality by combining beauty, talent and advanced...

Inside Miadonna

Vintage Engagement Ring’s Trend – here to stay?

Engagement Ring trends come and go, but there is no doubt that Vintage Engagement Rings, with their unique designs and feminine details, are here to stay! At MiaDonna® we draw inspiration for our Engagement Rings and Wedding Ring Sets from many...

Engagement Rings

17 Stunning Halo Engagement Rings

Are you looking for a little more sparkle from your engagement ring? A halo engagement ring can do just that while still keeping your ring extremely affordable. Halo engagement rings do a fabulous job of accenting the center stone and...

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity Engagement Rings

When it comes to bling, no one does it better than Hollywood A-listers. From three stone rings to solitaires; rings with side stones and rings with halos; vintage to custom made styles, celebrities rock them all. Check out some of...

lab-created diamonds

Customizing a ring for a Lab-Created Diamond

Customizing a ring for a Lab-Created Diamond may seem like a daunting task, but it is quite an easy way to make any ring one-of-a-kind. All of our jewelry is hand-crafted, so we can modify most designs on our website...

Engagement Rings

Top ten conflict-free engagement rings of 2015

Choosing your dream conflict-free engagement ring at MiaDonna is easy, because every ring we offer is guaranteed to be 100% conflict-free; handcrafted just for you using the highest quality eco-friendly precious metals, featuring your favorite lab-created diamond, lab-grown gemstone or our...

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Katie Holme's Antique Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

The Empress Antique Engagement Ring is a one-of-a-kind Antique style Engagement Ring designed by MiaDonna® CEO Anna-Mieke with inspiration coming from actress Katie Holmes engagement ring. This gorgeous ring can accommodate a beautiful oval Diamond Hybrid® simulant, Lab-Created Diamond, or...

Wedding Ring Sets

7 affordable wedding ring sets

Wedding ring sets come in a variety of styles - from vintage-inspired designs to classic solitaire sets and let’s not forget, they also come in every price point imaginable. While we have all seen the ridiculously expensive wedding sets most...


How to buy a conflict-free diamond on your budget

Buying a conflict-free diamond on your budget is less intimidating than it may seem. We asked MiaDonna’s resident lab-created diamond expert, Linley, about her top tips for buying a conflict-free diamond on any budget. Tip#1 – The 5th C If you...

Recycled Diamonds

5 Reasons to Choose a Recycled Diamond

As one of the pioneering retailers of eco-friendly engagement rings and lab-created diamonds, I have been fortunate during the last 10 years to have had many interactions with the environmentally and socially responsible consumer.
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