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The Greener Diamond

The Greener Diamond's Newest Project

MiaDonna is more than the leader in the lab-grown diamond industry. We are a foundation-first company that prioritizes our efforts to better diamond mining communities through our charity, The Greener Diamond (TGD). At least five percent of all MiaDonna purchases...


2016 in Review - A Message From the CEO

What a fantastic year it has been for MiaDonna, The Greener Diamond Foundation, and the Lab-Grown Diamond industry at-large. We have pushed boundaries and broken old traditions to create a greener diamond industry. Here's a recap of 2016: The Greener...


What Makes MiaDonna Engagement Rings Ethical?

If you’re on the market for an ethical engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place. MiaDonna’s is the right choice for those looking for beautiful, affordable and conflict-free bridal jewelry. We believe in being transparent with all of our...


Press Release: Muhammad Ali’s Daughter & America’s Queen of Eco-Diamonds

Unveil Scientific Breakthrough: Largest Grown-in-the-USA-Laboratory-Diamond Giving Tuesday Charity Campaign Launch to Save African Blood Diamond Orphans 2016 Christmas Diamond Shoppers Suffer Sticker Shock   News Package B-Roll & Bites PORTLAND, OR –During the holidays, when millions of Americans...


An Open Letter to Mothers

Dear Mothers, Sisters, Wives, Girlfriends ... Diamond Lovers: For over a decade I have lead MiaDonna & Company, the original laboratory-grown diamond retailer, with passion and the purpose of creating a greener diamond industry for all. However, the time has...

Stone Guide

10 Facts About Lab-Created Diamonds

While people have been experimenting with the technology used to grow diamonds for over a century now, it has only been in the last decade that we have been able to perfect the science of creating gem-quality diamonds in a...


2015, The Year for Lab-Grown Diamonds!

We have arrived! MiaDonna CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson shares what an amazing year this has been for lab-grown diamonds! I am thrilled to be one of the industry pioneers forging this new era in diamonds. We are doing things now that I...


How to Order Your Engagement Ring

Ordering Online with MiaDonna We know all too well that ordering online can be a daunting task. So that’s why we went ahead and created a simple ordering process that takes the stress out of shopping online. Now you can...

Bride & Groom Guide

5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming at times, however, with these tips, planning your dream eco-friendly wedding just became much, much easier. 1. The Ring First comes love, then comes the ring...while finding an engagement ring may be easy, finding...