Lab-Created Diamonds - Elite Collection

Learn about lab-created diamonds The Elite Collection is a selection of our finest quality loose lab created diamonds, available in grades never seen until now.

Verified by IGI grading, these lab-created diamonds are available up to IF (Internally Flawless) in clarity, D in color, Excellent in cut, and 32ct in size! And as Type IIa diamonds, only 2% of mined diamonds will ever achieve the same level of perfection as each and every one of our lab-created diamonds. Plus, each and every MiaDonna lab-created diamond is guaranteed conflict-free and available at up to 40% less than a comparable earth-mined diamond.

The MiaDonna Elite Collection is the best-of-the-best, so please secure your diamond today before it sells. If you purchase before 12-noon PST, we will overnight it to you free of charge.

If you would like it set in one of our American made settings and have already purchase the diamond, you can send it back to us and we will build the ring around your diamond. If you prefer, you can set this diamond in a ring setting right now. Just go to our finished ring categories and select this diamond in the drop down list.

Please contact us if you do not see the loose lab created diamond you are looking for, or alternatively click here to learn more.

MiaDonna Elite Collection of Loose Lab Created Diamonds