Go Green with MiaDonna®

MiaDonna & Company: working for consumers, the earth and global societies to build the greenest jewelry store ever created.


Green America

MiaDonna & Company has been awarded the Green America 'Seal of Approval'. The seal is presented to businesses that go beyond product and service quality to set the highest standards in environmental sustainability and social justice, and work to solve, rather than create, environmental and social problems.

Diamonds and Gems

MiaDonna & Company uses the latest technology in diamond and gem science to make man made diamonds and gems in a modern day lab environment to keep mining to a minimum. One of the bi-products of making the Diamond Hybrid® is Oxygen! How important is it really? Each one carat Diamond Hybrid®, Man Made Diamond or Lab Grown Gem sold in place of an earth mined equivalent prevents up to 250 tons of ore being extracted from the earth.

Gold, Platinum and Palladium

At MiaDonna & Company every setting is created using only the finest grade eco-friendly recycled solid 14K and 18K Gold, Pure 950 Palladium or Pure 950 Platinum which considerably contributes in reducing the harmful effects on humanity and the earth associated in the mining of these natural resources. It takes the removal of nearly 20 tons of earth to produce enough gold to create one gold wedding band. Chemicals such as cyanide and mercury are used when mining for gold and are continually being released into nearby water sources. These two chemicals are well known to be hazardous to people's health.

Reduce unnecessary postage and printing

MiaDonna & Company does not send out useless junk mail to people that do not want to receive it. We only send flyers and mail to our clients that request it. We keep our catalogs online for our customers to view.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All MiaDonna & Company's gift bags are made from Stone Fiber, they are paperless bags. This is Calcium Carbonate using a unique waterless paper making technology. This process involves no chemical bleaching and produces no toxic gas emissions or hazardous waste. An average of 4 metric tones of wood chip - or approximately 23 large trees - is utilized to produce a metric ton of traditional wood-pulp paper. Stone paper uses no wood-pulp.

Eco-friendly Jewelry Cleaner

To keep your eco friendly wedding rings looking brilliant, MiaDonna® has its own unique brand of jewelry cleaner that uses a non-toxic formula that is environmentally safe and comes in a fully recyclable, grade #1, container. Every domestic order will come with its own complimentary jar of this cleaner.


Gold, Platinum and Palladium

At MiaDonna & Company every setting is created using only the finest recycled solid Gold, 950 Pure Platinum or 950 Pure Palladium from refineries that represent our commitment to the earth. Metals you'll love for their beauty and be proud to wear for the positive impact they have on our planet. More

MiaDonna & Company Office

Our offices are 95% effective in reusing, recycling and minimizing the potential power and natural resources a traditional office would use. Turning off energy efficient equipment and lighting, using recycled materials and being smart about our consumption. We use electronic communications and send the packaging we receive from our suppliers back to them for reuse.

Wind Energy

The head office of MiaDonna & Company is powered by Wind Energy; wind farms like the Vansycle Ridge Wind Farm and the Klondike II Wind Farm in northeastern Oregon are the source for Clean Wind Power. By making a choice for Clean Wind, we are helping build a sustainable energy future with additional renewable resources for the Pacific Northwest.

Water Recycling

When we create your jewelry, we use a lot of water. We have invested in a very efficient water filtration system that now allows us to recycle the water we use in the production of your jewelry, eliminating the need for us to use large amounts of fresh drinking water.

Recycled Paper - for printed material

Be kind to our planet. Recycled envelopes and paper are less harmful to the environment and reduce energy use, pollution, and tree harvesting. Nearly all of the paper used in our offices come from recycled material including the receipts you receive in your order from MiaDonna®.

Soy Inks - for printed material

The secret of using natural oils to make inks was known as early as 2500 B.C., when the Egyptians and Chinese made inks from such things as berries, bark, linseed oil, and soot. All brochures, advertising and informational documents you receive from MiaDonna® are created with these eco-friendly Soy Inks.


Carbon Neutral Shipments

MiaDonna & Company offsets the CO2 created when shipping our products to your door by investing in reforestation projects. 1,400 trees each year absorb those emissions, so for every shipment we make, we plant one tree through our partnership with The Nature Conservancy.

The Greener Diamond

MiaDonna's line of superior hand crafted jewelry is free of unethical mining, unethical labor practices, exorbitant prices and is conflict free. To ensure that we are doing our part, MiaDonna® continually works with a number of highly recognized national charities to create awareness and raise funds. In addition to our efforts here at home, Miadonna® has created a foundation called The Greener Diamond that works hand in hand with the world's largest humanitarian organizations and celebrities in order to rebuild the lives and land of those communities that have been devastated by the unethical harvesting of their country's precious natural resources. More

Operated and Made in America

MiaDonna & Company's head office is located in Portland, Oregon, USA. All MiaDonna® jewelry is made at our manufacturing facility in New York, USA. Keeping our daily operations and manufacturing in America allows MiaDonna & Company to stay in total control of work ethics, standards and quality.

Core Values

MiaDonna & Company is committed to consumers, the environment and global societies and only works with companies and suppliers that have like core values and interests in doing all they can to create a more sustainable future.


MiaDonna & Company's jewelry, diamonds and gems are offered at a fair, affordable price, created under ethical conditions that serve the planet and you. MiaDonna® hopes that with the money you save by choosing to do business with us you can reinvest in your own lives, community, environment and relationships.