The Greener Diamond

Your purchase at passionately sponsors agricultural projects in mining provinces in Africa, through The Greener Diamond® Foundation.

The Greener Diamond is a charity foundation created by MiaDonna & Company. They were created together, to work as a system, towards a common goal of bringing the beauty of love back to diamonds. Funds from consumers purchasing eco-friendly engagement rings and eco friendly diamonds at MiaDonna & Company allows The Greener Diamond to repair the damage caused by the unethical harvesting of mined diamonds, gems and precious metals. Despite ongoing reports in the media about the dark side of the diamond trade, consumer demand continues to grow at a steady rate. This increased demand perpetuates the cycle of the exploitation of natural resources, mining communities, natural environments and diamond consumers.

People purchasing eco-friendly jewelry from MiaDonna® have already funded a 100 acre farm in Sierra Leone which employs over 500 reformed child soldiers to grow food instead of mining for diamonds. We are currently building a new farm in Liberia, Africa.

The Greener Diamond

From Our Founder

My name is Anna-Mieke Anderson and I am the founder and creator of The Greener Diamond and MiaDonna®. I am so excited to share my vision with you and help make your diamond dreams a reality.

I love the beauty of diamonds. I love their sparkle and the dreams they represent. However, when it was called to my attention what really goes into bringing earth-mined diamonds to market; the effect on the environment, societies and mining communities, I felt like I could not sit back and contribute to this any longer.

While the plight of orphaned and abused children had motivated me to donate my time and money in the past, I was completely unaware that by buying a conflict diamond I was unintentionally contributing to terrorizing an entire generation of children in Africa.

What I discovered horrified me and I couldn’t erase the images of suffering from my mind. As a mother of two children, two small beings that own my heart and soul and having lost my own mother to cancer when I was young – I decided I had to do something as these children living under a mantel of fear that most of us could not imagine.

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How YOU make a difference!

Each time you purchase an eco-friendly MiaDonna® product, a portion of the proceeds goes straight into programs that help restore the lives and land in sub-Saharan Africa. However, on top of that, MiaDonna® donates countless hours of their teams time to develop projects and to make sure these projects are a success.

We believe that 5% can change the world. Whether it is donating 5% of your salary or 5% of your TV watching time to volunteer for a noble cause, it can really make a difference.

Thanks to You and MiaDonna, The Greener Diamond is able to fund restoration projects. The Greener Diamond continues to develop new projects to help undo the damage caused by the earth mined diamond trade. These are projects with a dollar amount, so some months they have been known to donate up to 100% of MiaDonna's monthly net proceeds, as well as the team’s time and effort that they pour into the wave of change.

The Greener Diamond doesn’t just write a check to a charity and never look back. They roll up their sleeves and work directly with war-torn African communities that bore the brunt of past diamond excess. They also want to make sure your taxpayer dollars don’t continue to help strip the land and people bare.

This can all be done because of your decision to make a more informed choice, before purchasing a product. So thank you for helping to make a difference!

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