Pink Man Made Diamonds

MiaDonna’s® Pink Man Made Diamonds (also known as Synthetic Diamonds) are optically, chemically and physically identical to pink earth mined diamonds, but are offered free of conflict and about 5% of the cost. They are typically readily available in sizes below 2 carats and range in color from fancy pink to fancy deep pink.

Unlike White, Blue and Yellow Synthetic Diamonds, which get their color during the growing process, pink diamonds get their color from a post growth treatment process referred to as irradiation and annealing.

Certain lighter yellow diamonds are most commonly used to create pinks. By showering the diamond with electrons and neutrons (irradiation) we can alter the diamond's crystal lattice structure and create a new colored center. The second step, annealing, is a process where the stone is heated to help smooth out the alterations created from the irradiation and helps achieve the diamond's finished color.

Additional colors like purple, red and green are available and are produced post treatment using the same process as pinks. The "color" created during the treatment process is permanent and secure under normal wear and tear conditions. In the event of setting, repairing or servicing a color treated diamond, care should be taken when being exposed to high temperatures like a jeweler’s torch. Exposure to extreme temperatures may cause color discrepancies. View loose Man Made Diamonds

Synthetic Diamond Pink Color



Synthetic Pink Diamond Price Comparison

Natural pink diamonds are the rarest in the world. The majority of pink diamonds come from a mine in Australia. The extreme limited availability puts the cost of these pink diamonds between $56,000 to $150,000 per carat. A treated Pink Synthetic Diamond will cost between $5,000 and $10,000 per carat. The price per carat weighs heavily on the color of the diamond itself. On average a Pink Synthetic Diamond is about 5% the cost of a mined pink diamond.

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Synthetic Pink Diamonds Shapes

The large majority of Synthetic Pink Diamonds will be finished or shaped in the same manner as Yellow Grown Diamonds. A Synthetic Pink Diamonds start as Yellow Grown Diamonds. A Grown Yellow Diamond's rough has a truncated octahedral shape. Square shapes like radiant, princess, cushion, asscher and emerald are typically used to yield the most from the rough. Because pink synthetic diamonds can be grown in larger sizes, round shape diamonds are also available. Due to the square nature of the pink rough, elongated shapes like pear, oval and marquise are not typically produced.


Synthetic Pink Diamond Clarity

The clarity of a pink diamond is dependent upon its color. Pink colors that are fuller in saturation or have more of the pink color in them will allow for a lower clarity while a soft or light pink may require a higher clarity. In any case as long as the diamond is “eye clean”, meaning you can’t see the inclusions with the naked eye, then you should be safe. Clarity will affect the price, so in many cases buying a diamond that is eye clean over one with a higher clarity grade will not only save you money, but will look just as good when being viewed in normal conditions.