Price - Man-Made Diamonds

Both Synthetic (Man-Made) Diamonds and Earth Mined Diamonds are priced based on their cut, clarity, color and carat size. When shopping for grown diamonds, with the exception of whites, there are huge financial savings to buying a Man-Made Diamond over an earth mined diamond, not to mention the immeasurable environmental and humanitarian benefits these Lab Created Diamonds offer society.

Synthetic White Diamond Price Comparison

Until recently, white (colorless) Synthetic Grown Diamonds had been in limited supply. Now, thanks to advances in technology, we’re able to offer white Man-Made diamonds in large sizes - up to 1.5 carats. White Synthetic Diamonds are priced approximately 10% less than their earth mined equivalent. And just like mined diamonds, Man-Made Diamonds use cut, carat weight, color and clarity to determine their individual worth. And of course, let’s not look past the environmental and humanitarian benefits to purchasing a Synthetic Diamond - incomparable to the conflict and human rights violations associated with every earth mined diamond.

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If your interested in a Synthetic White Diamond and are presently unable to find the one you want, we suggest you have a look at the MiaDonna® Diamond Hybrid®, which is a superior simulant that employs an infused layer of Man Made Diamond. The MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® is nearly two times harder than CZ, has a friction co-efficient lower than that of Teflon giving it a superb ability to repel dirt and grim and has a tested refractive index closer to an earth mined diamond than any other diamond simulant being produced today.

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Synthetic Yellow Diamond Price Comparison

Both Yellow and Yellow Orange Synthetic Diamonds are being produced in large quantities. Yellow and yellow orange diamonds grow the fastest typically taking 5 to 6 days in the growth cell and are available in many shapes as well as carat sizes up to 2 carats. The majority of Yellow Synthetic Diamonds will be available between fancy yellow and fancy vivid yellow. The yellow oranges will also contain different saturation levels of orange and will be available in many different hues and tones. If you can’t find the exact shape or color yellow/orange diamond your looking for please contact us at 1-(866) 996-9642. We do not have every Synthetic Diamond available listed on our site.

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Synthetic Blue Diamond Price Comparison

Natural blue diamonds are incredibly rare in nature and can sell for anywhere between $200,000 to $500,000 per carat. A Synthetic Blue Diamond costs about 10% of what a natural costs. Most Blue Synthetic Diamonds run in the price range of $7,000 to $12,000 per carat. Blue Synthetic Diamonds in fancy blue colors are the most expensive out of all the fancy colored diamonds due to the time and care needed to achieve the most desirable colors.

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Natural pink diamonds are the rarest in the world. The majority of pink diamonds come from a mine in Australia. The extreme limited availability puts the cost of these pink diamonds between $56,000 to $150,000 per carat. A treated Pink Synthetic Diamond will cost between $5,000 and $10,000 per carat. The price per carat weighs heavily on the color of the diamond itself. On average a Pink Synthetic Diamond is about 5% the cost of a mined pink diamond.

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