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MiaDonna Orange lab-created diamonds (man-made diamonds) are offered in a variety of cuts and colors raging from light yellow orange to fancy intense and vivid orange. These orange lab-created diamonds are a wonderful upgrade to Fashion rings with Timeless Halo style settings. They also make for absolutely beautiful Diamond Stud Earrings and create some of the most rare engagement rings ever seen. Every orange man made diamond comes with either EGL, IGI or GIA diamond grading certification. If you don't see the orange diamond you are looking for please contact us. Every Orange diamond is a real diamond and will test positive on any jewelers diamond tester and is 100% solid pure carbon. Click here to learn more about orange lab-created diamonds.

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Carat weight is the measurement used to describe the size of a lab-created diamond, lab-created gemstone and/or diamond simulant. On the metric scale, 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams.

While carat weight can impact the value of a lab-created diamond, it’s important to understand that two grown diamonds of the same weight may have dramatically different values. This is because a grown diamonds value takes into account all of the 4C’s, not just the carat weight.

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