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About Center Stone Shapes

Shape refers to the appearance of the center stone. Most diamond shapes are Round, Square (Princess, Asscher, Cushion, Radiant), Rectangular ( Emerald, Elongated Radiant, Elongated Cushion), Heart-shaped, Pear-shaped (also known as tear-drop), Oval, or Marquise (like an Oval but pointed on both ends).

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About Carat Sizes

Carat weight refers not to the size of the stone, but the weight of it; two stones may have identical carat weights but have different length x width measurements depending on the cut. If you want to choose a smaller carat weight stone, opt for a higher cut grade, as this will make the stone appear larger. When selecting a stone for a specific budget, try to go slightly under a full or half carat weight, because prices jump at those sizes. For example, a 1.9ct stone will cost less than a 2.0ct, and because carat weight is distributed across the entirety of the diamond, that size difference would be nearly impossible to detect.

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About Center Stone Heads

The most common ring head is a prong setting (little metal claws that hold the center stone in place). Prongs can be rounded, pointed, flat, or V-shaped (depending on shape). Bezel settings surround and hold the stone using a metal rim. A trellis setting is offers a unique twist on a standard 4 prong by crossing the prongs at the base where they meet the shank, offering an added measure of security. The trellis and bezel settings will be the two lowest profile styles.

About Style and Features

We offer a large variety of ring styles and features for every person's taste - if you do not see a style you want, we can custom design anything you are dreaming of. Budget, personal style and daily activities are the main considerations that should guide your selection of a setting. Contact us directly for questions on specific ring designs.

About Pricing

Price range for ring and accessory items are without stones set. Price range for loose stones reflect just the stone, not the ring or accessory added.

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