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Two-Tone Engagement Rings

Two-Tone Engagement Rings

MiaDonna’s ethical two-tone rings are named after our founding location's iconic streets and neighborhoods: Portland, Oregon. From the Pearl District's trendy downtown glamor to the pioneering spirit of Lovejoy — every ring has its own story to tell. Each of these beautiful mixed metal rings can be handcrafted in your choice of either single or two-tone recycled precious metals with Lab-Grown Diamonds, Lab-Grown Gemstones, or Diamond Hybrid Simulants. Styles include vintage, modern, classic, and more. Find the ring of your dreams.

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    • Rose Gold

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Radiant and Refined

Bold yet elegant, our two-tone wedding rings are truly a feast for the eyes! These two-tone engagement rings are made from your choice of mixed recycled precious metals for a distinct look that delivers the best of both worlds. The shimmer is perfectly accented with sparkle, thanks to the breathtaking round, oval, or pear conflict-free diamonds and gemstones that put the finishing touch on these stunning pieces.

Besides being the ethical choice, our Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gemstones are 100% real and indistinguishable from their earth-mined equivalents. They are chemically and physically identical, and even more beautiful to behold. Additionally, Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gemstones are up to 40% less expensive. The choice is clear! 

Your Purchase Changes Lives

By purchasing any of our two-tone engagement rings, you are powering positive change. We donate at least 10% of our profits to mining-impacted communities. MiaDonna was the world’s first retailer exclusively selling Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gemstones. We saw the need for change, and we made it happen. Today, we continue that mission through our non-profit foundation: The Greener Diamond. Join us in repairing lives and land devastated by gold and diamond mining.

If you have any questions about our two-tone rings or want to modify a design, please contact us so one of our non-commissioned jewelry experts can assist you. Our two-tone engagement rings are backed by our 30-day returns policy, and include free USA shipping and free resizing (one full size up or down within the first 90 days of purchase). Explore all our breathtaking two-tone wedding rings or design your own ring. Find your perfect ring at MiaDonna.