From Humble Beginnings

They told her she’d fail.

Turns out they were wrong!


Anna-Mieke Anderson (pronounced AnnaMeeka), is originally from the South Pacific (born in New Zealand and raised in Sydney, Australia). She currently resides in Portland, OR (USA) and is the Founder and active CEO of MiaDonna & Company.

Anna-Mieke grew up in the fashion world - as a child she spent her time ‘behind the scenes’ as her mother was a runway model and father a film art director. Her teen years were spent on stage and as an adult she returned backstage as a high fashion makeup artist. She now spends her time as a dedicated mother, avid philanthropist and successful entrepreneur.

The name MiaDonna came from her late mother Donna and her daughter Mia.

“There is no need to mine for diamonds or gold anymore, it is an outdated industry and not right for today's society. We can now grow diamonds in a modern-day lab environment or source them from a recycled origin to prevent any destruction to native communities, societies or the earth.”


Eleven years ago Anna-Mieke had the vision to create a conflict-free diamond and has led the evolution of the lab-created diamond industry.

Even before the technology to create diamonds was perfected she knew that the only way to combat conflict-diamonds was to grow them in a modern-day lab environment.

Fueled by her passion to give back, Anna-Mieke has built an eco-friendly empire that continues to push for a socially responsible diamond industry. Her achievements both personally and professionally have earned her awards and recognition, but none sum it up as well as Engagement 101 Magazine labeling her, “The Queen of Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings.” While humbled by this title, she considers it a true honor to be seen as an ethical industry leader.

Anna-Mieke has taken her mission a step further by founding The Greener Diamond, MiaDonna’s charity foundation, dedicated to rebuilding communities that have been negatively impacted by the harvesting and trading of earth-mined diamonds. Passionate about her foundation’s work, she personally visits West Africa to oversee the farms established in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

“In 2005, I learned that I had most likely purchased a conflict diamond. The first thing I did was take my ring off and sponsor a boy in a diamond mining community and it was from our letters that I got a first-hand look into a diamond mining community, through the eyes of a 7-year-old boy. I will never forget the day he wrote to me and said, “I had a great summer because only one of my classmates was killed”. That, right there, changed my life forever, so I did something about it.”~ Anna-Mieke Anderson

Honors & Awards

In the words of Estee Lauder, “I never dreamed of success. I worked for it.”

Green America

Finalist - Green Celebrations Award


FBI Citizens Academy

FBI Citizens Agent

2014 / Portland Division

Business Journal

Top 40 Under 40 Executives

2014 / Portland, OR

Business Journal

Fastest Growing Private Companies

2013 & 2012 / Portland, OR

Green America

Finalist - People & Planet Award


Next Magazine

Finalist - Woman of the Year

2012 / New Zealand