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The Journal

| By Katy Moore | 4 min read
Solitaire engagement rings, featuring a single gemstone in a minimalist setting, are a timeless and elegant trend. To complement them, eternity bands, with a continuous row of diamonds symbolizing eternal love, are a popular choice for wedding and anniversary bands. Read More
| By MiaDonna & Company | 6 min read
Wondering if fluorescence in a diamond is good? Are you curious to know what causes diamond fluorescence? MiaDonna explains what you need to know before buying your diamond. Read More
| By Katy Moore | 5 min read
The right necklace length can accentuate your neckline, highlight your facial features, and even create an illusion of a longer or shorter torso. In this necklace guide, we will explore various lengths and provide insights on how to choose the perfect one for different occasions and necklines. Read More
| By MiaDonna & Company | 3 min read
Here is your ultimate gift guide to Valentine's Day. Whether you are looking for jewelry for yourself or a loved one, you can find the perfect gift for any budget. Read More
| By Katy Moore | 7 min read
Solitaires are back in a BIG way. 2024 will see plenty of timeless, classic solitaire engagement ring styles where the center stone takes all the glory. MiaDonna shoppers appreciate our affordability and treat themselves to a diamond ring with a 2.0-4.0 carat weight center stone. Read More
| By Anna-Mieke Anderson | 5 min read
While diamonds have long been considered the epitome of glitz and glamour, consumers wanting a more sustainable diamond have been responsible for reshaping how we perceive and acquire one of nature's most coveted treasures. Enter the world of CVD diamonds. Read More