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The Greener Diamond

The Dangers of Deep Sea Mining

The lab-grown diamond industry was once forecasted to rise in popularity and in recent years this has proven to become truth. One of the most impactful forces supporting this market change is the Earth itself. Most people don’t realize that...

The Greener Diamond

A Milestone for Ponpon

Today marks a milestone in my journey to create a Greener Diamond future. When I found out I had most likely purchased a conflict diamond, I began sponsoring a 7-year-old boy in a diamond mining community. This is when Ponpon...

The Greener Diamond

The True Cost of Diamond Mining - Human Lives

When most people think of the term “blood diamonds,” they often associate it with conflict diamonds coming from Africa. The truth of the matter is that these conflict diamonds can come from anywhere in the world. It’s no mystery that...

The Greener Diamond

The Greener Diamond's Newest Project

MiaDonna is more than the leader in the lab-grown diamond industry. We are a foundation-first company that prioritizes our efforts to better diamond mining communities through our charity, The Greener Diamond (TGD). At least five percent of all MiaDonna purchases...

The Greener Diamond

Diamond Mining: An Outdated Industry

Mining for precious resources is not only hard on the miners it is catastrophic to the environment. In recent news I have seen stories about hundreds of geese dying in a toxic pit mine and about how Brazil is experiencing...

The Greener Diamond

Mother Nature Would Wear a Conflict-Free Diamond

I was lucky enough to grow up in and around Sydney’s Bondi Beach in the 80’s, which I believe is one of the most beautiful and environmentally conscious places in the world. My father was an avid environmentalist and instilled...

The Greener Diamond

It's About Bloody Time, Leo!

It has been nearly 9 years since the movie “Blood Diamond” exposed the truth behind the sourcing and trading of diamonds in Africa. For those who did not know about conflict diamonds, it was the first glimpse into the dark...

The Greener Diamond

The Kimberley Process: Scheme or Scam?

It’s now been 13 years since the global effort to ban conflict diamonds began and where are we now? The unfortunate truth is we're exactly where we were 13 years ago. The Kimberley Process has clearly failed us. International policies cannot guarantee a...

The Greener Diamond

Blood Diamonds: The Conflict Continues

It has been nearly 10 years since the movie “Blood Diamond” exposed the truth behind the sourcing and trading of diamonds in Africa. For those of us who did not know about conflict-diamonds, it was our first glimpse into the...