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7 New Lab Grown Diamond Cuts!

Here's a list of our 7 New Lab Grown Diamond Cuts, available online, including the Hexagon Lab Grown Diamond, grown in the USA and exclusively sold at MiaDonna.

Stone Guide

December Featured Gem: The Champagne Sapphire

With the color of morganite and the hardness of corundum, our Lab Grown Champagne Sapphires have a rich brilliance and beauty that is unique among colored gems. The champagne sapphire’s peachy pink hue is highly sought after.

Stone Guide

How to Upgrade the Diamond in Your Engagement Ring

Though a seemingly sensitive subject, the truth is there’s no need to feel uneasy when talking about upgrading the diamond in your engagement ring. While your ring holds sentimental value, trading in your center stone won’t take away from that. Here's how easy it is to trade-in your center stone.

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What Are Lab-Created Gemstones?

We have answers to all your questions about lab-created gemstones. MiaDonna’s man made gemstones are grown using the most scientifically advanced processes resulting in beautiful, precision-cut gems available in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

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Alexandrite Color Comparison

Often described as an emerald by day and a ruby by night, the alexandrite gemstone is unique in its color-changing variety. See the different colors it reflects

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What is a Diamond Simulant?

Simulant diamonds, also known as imitation diamonds, are manufactured to have the optical characteristics of diamonds, however have a different chemical makeup.

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What is a Man Made Diamond?

We’re here to clear the air and lay down the facts about man made diamonds. Also known as lab-grown diamonds, man made diamonds are 100% REAL diamonds.

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5 Reasons to Choose a Recycled Diamond

As one of the pioneering retailers of eco-friendly engagement rings and lab-grown diamonds, I have been fortunate during the last 10 years to have had many interactions with the environmentally and socially responsible consumer.