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December Featured Gem: The Champagne Sapphire

With the color of morganite and the hardness of corundum, our Lab Grown Champagne Sapphires have a rich brilliance and beauty that is unique among colored gems. The champagne sapphire’s peachy pink hue is highly sought after.

Stone Guide

How to Upgrade the Diamond in Your Engagement Ring

Though a seemingly sensitive subject, the truth is there’s no need to feel uneasy when talking about upgrading the diamond in your engagement ring. While your ring holds sentimental value, trading in your center stone won’t take away from that. Here's how easy it is to trade-in your center stone.

Stone Guide

What is a Man Made Diamond?

We’re here to clear the air and lay down the facts about man made diamonds. Also known as lab-grown diamonds, man made diamonds are 100% REAL diamonds.

Stone Guide

The Diamond Hybrid® vs. Moissanite

Learn more about Moissanite and other diamond alternatives. Technology has come a long way giving rise to Moissanite alternatives. Here we compare Moissanite, Diamond Hybrid Simulants and Diamonds.