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Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Get Engaged? Our 13 Engagement Ring Recommendations!

Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Get Engaged? Our 13 Engagement Ring Recommendations!

Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Get Engaged? Our 13 Engagement Ring Recommendations!

By now, you know that living legend pop star Taylor Swift and football star Travis Kelce are definitely something. They're getting to know each other and could be on their way to a real love story.


It all started when Travis admitted he wished he had met Taylor when he saw her perform at the Eras tour. He had even planned to give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it. You know we love a grand gesture! Especially when it involves jewelry!


Apparently, Taylor was impressed with his public crush on her. That's how you get the girl, Travis Kelce! Now that she has cheered "Go, Fight, Win!" at his football games, the potential lovebirds have turned us into the new romantics. We can't be the only ones who daydream about Taylor Swift getting engaged to Travis Kelce.


Will Taylor Swift get engaged in 2024? Only time will tell. But, if Travis and Taylor do become end game, we know a few gorgeous engagement rings that would never go out of style on Taylor's finger! 13, to be exact.

A Sweet Solitaire Engagement Ring Really is Timeless

She likes shiny things; we know this much. Sometimes, the best sparkle comes from a solitaire diamond ring. A simple band and no accents let the rock do all the talking - or singing, in her case.


Our Blonde Solitaire Engagement Ring might speak now to her — as a fellow blonde, you know. The devil's in the details on the Millie Hidden Halo Engagement Ring, which offers a hidden halo of 0.06ctw Lab-Grown diamonds that sparkle in secret.

MiaDonna's Blonde Solitaire Engagement Ring

Blonde Solitaire Engagement Ring

A Vintage Ring Could Last Forever and Always

If opulent, historical designs of a vintage engagement ring are more her flavor, then she can't go wrong with the beautiful antique halo design of the Paris Stackable Engagement Ring. She could even make it a lovely shade of red with a Lab-Grown Gemstone Ruby.


On the other hand, the Eternal Monogram Engagement Ring would let her wear his initials on a chain 'round her neck beneath her center stone in the basket for a personal touch.


If Travis is her finest muse ever, she could find happiness with the Muse Accented Engagement Ring. The Muse inspires with the Oval Cut center stone surrounded by Round Cut and Marquise Cut Lab Grown Diamonds on either side.

MiaDonna's Paris Stackable Engagement Ring

Paris Stackable Engagement Ring

Accented Engagement Rings Are So Bejeweled

If Travis Kelce begs for Taylor Swift to take his hand and get engaged, the Willow is a real work of art. Our Willow Engagement Ring is a delicate engagement ring accented with 0.17ctw bar set Lab Grown Diamonds.


Or, the Summer Engagement Ring is a shiny toy with a price, but there's nothing cruel about its alternating Marquise Cut and Round Cut Lab-Grown Diamond accented band.


Finally, the Wonder Two Tone Engagement Ring could really leave her wonderstruck and enchanted by its twisted diamond infinity-style band.

MiaDonna's Summer Engagement Ring

Summer Engagement Ring

A Gorgeous Halo Ring for an Angel

She's always dressed to the nines, and she could literally be made of Starlight, Starlight, if she gets engaged with our Starlight Engagement Ring, which flies high with a kite-shaped halo of Lab Grown Diamonds.


Another halo that glimmers like a comet in the sky is Evermore, with a cluster of Lab Grown Diamonds she could really love forever and evermore.

Miadonna's Starlight Engagement Ring

Starlight Engagement Ring

Long Live the Three Stone Stunner

Taylor is exceptional, and if Travis decides she needs more than one diamond, we support that. In our case, Carma really IS a queen. The Carma Three Stone Engagement Ring looks sweet, like justice, with two tapered baguette side stones beside a Round Cut center stone.


Since Taylor is the Queen of the Chorus, maybe she would rock the Chorus Three Stone Ring. We love the Chorus because it changes up the classic Three Stone Ring with two bar set tapered baguette recycled diamond side stones accenting your choice of center stone. Reinventing classic style? Sounds like Taylor.

MiaDonna's Chorus Three Stone Ring

Chorus Three Stone Ring

Is Taylor Swift engaged?

At the time of this writing, she is not engaged — that we know of! But if she wants to start small, she could wear his initials on a chain 'round her neck with our Diamond Initial Necklace. It's nice to have a friend, even if they don't become a couple.


Long story short, if Travis becomes the king of her heart, she's got plenty of ways to make the whole place shimmer. Do you have another engagement ring suggestion for Taylor? Speak now, or forever hold your peace.


Katy Moore , Senior Manager, Brand Marketing

Katy Moore is the Senior Manager, Brand Marketing of MiaDonna. She first crossed paths with Anna-Mieke in 2008 and has admired MiaDonna’s sparkling jewelry and rewarding mission ever since. Before joining MiaDonna, Katy spent 15 years in broadcast media, event promotion, and advertising agencies, honing skills in social media, strategic partnerships, community building and media planning. When she’s not sharing MiaDonna with fans, she’s choosing her new favorite song. 

Katy is an expert in popular culture, fashion, style, and conscientious spending.