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9 Divorce Ring Styles to Celebrate Your Next Chapter

9 Divorce Ring Styles to Celebrate Your Next Chapter

9 Divorce Ring Styles to Celebrate Your Next Chapter

The accomplishment of getting a divorce can be a deeply personal and significant milestone in a woman’s life, often representing liberation, empowerment, and the reclaiming of her autonomy and self-worth. While divorce can be a challenging and emotionally taxing process for anyone, for many women, it often signifies breaking free from oppressive or unhealthy relationships, pursuing their own happiness, and asserting their independence.

Divorce, as the end of a chapter, can also mark the beginning of a new journey — one of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. As societal attitudes towards divorce continue to evolve, so too do the rituals and symbols associated with the dissolution of marriage (or an old version of you). One such emerging trend is the concept of divorce rings, which offer individuals a tangible symbol of closure, healing, and renewal.

Here’s everything you’ll want to know if you find yourself shopping for a divorce ring. It’s time to sparkle in the next chapter in your life…starting with rebuilding your ring.

What is a Divorce Ring?

Divorce rings, also known as "freedom rings," "independence rings," or "divorce celebration rings," serve as a physical representation of the end of a marriage and the reclaiming of one's autonomy and identity. Unlike traditional wedding rings, which symbolize union and commitment, divorce rings signify liberation and individuality. They are worn proudly as a statement of resilience and empowerment, celebrating personal growth in the face of adversity.

They took the internet by storm the week Emily Ratajkowski shared that she repurposed her pear cut and princess cut diamonds from her Toi et Moi engagement ring from Sebastian Bear McClard into two separate rings after her divorce:

In an era where divorce rates are rising, and the stigma surrounding divorce is diminishing, women want to reclaim their autonomy and celebrate their personal journeys. Divorce rings provide a means of renewing agency over one's narrative, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another with dignity, strength, and sparkle.

Can I keep my engagement and wedding rings after divorce?

In most legal situations, as soon as the wedding occurs and the marriage is official, engagement rings and wedding bands are considered gifts that belong to the recipient — not the buyer. Check with your divorce attorney in case your situation is unique.

Aside from your legal right to keep the jewelry, you may wonder if you should. Well, we believe that objects have the energy we give to them. A ring can only have the good luck or the bad luck that we believe it to. You might enjoy having a divorce ring more than you expect to…

Why should I get a divorced ring?

These jewels foster a sense of solidarity and community among those who have also experienced divorce. In wearing one, you can signal to others that you both have walked a similar path, creating opportunities for connection and support. They serve as conversation starters, empowering individuals to share their stories and find solace in knowing that they are not alone in their experiences.

Moreover, divorce rings can play a therapeutic role in the process of healing from the emotional toll of divorce. By commemorating the end of a marriage with a tangible symbol, individuals are able to confront their pain and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Divorce rings remind us of our resilience and strength, instilling hope for the future and the potential for new beginnings.

How can I restyle my engagement ring after divorce?

The design of divorce rings varies widely, reflecting the diverse experiences and emotions associated with divorce. Some opt for simple bands adorned with meaningful engravings or symbols representing strength, resilience, and personal empowerment. Others may choose more elaborate designs featuring gemstones or unconventional materials that hold personal significance.

You might decide to keep your existing diamond but create a new piece of jewelry. MiaDonna loves to create custom jewelry of any kind! Our design process is fun - after we hear what you’re looking for, we’ll generate a CAD (computer aided design) of your jewelry for you to approve before we start to work. We can re-orient your center stone, remove or add a halo, change your metal color - your wish is our command.

MiaDonna recently helped one of our shoppers restyle her marquise center stone (original setting shown left) by setting it east-west in a brand new 14K Yellow Gold band (shown right).

If you’re not interested in wearing your engagement ring’s diamond on your hand anymore, you could turn it into a pendant necklace. If you have a three-stone ring with side-stones, those matching side-stones would make perfect earrings too.

Is there a specific finger to wear a divorce ring on?

The finger on which you wear a divorce ring is totally up to you. Some individuals choose to wear their divorce ring on the ring finger of their left hand, similar to where a wedding band would traditionally be worn. This symbolizes the transition from marriage to divorce.

Others may opt to wear it on the right ring finger to signify a fresh start and newfound independence. Ultimately, there are no strict rules about which finger to wear a divorce ring on, and it's entirely up to the individual to decide what feels most meaningful and comfortable for them.

What are the best styles for divorce rings?

We mean this when we say it — ANY style you want is the right style choice! You’ve been through hell and back, and now you deserve a reward that makes you feel beautiful, strong, and celebrated.

If you want a ring that makes you feel calm and peaceful, a simple, understated style is perfect. If you’d rather feel confident and powerful when you look at it, consider something flashy. Here are a few of our favorite styles:

Did you know that the marquise shape has the largest appearance of any diamond? Its tapered points create the largest surface area of all shapes per carat, and its dramatic shape is unique and eye-catching.

A great way to keep your original diamond and still get a whole new look is to design a Toi Et Moi ring! It’s French for “you and me,” but for a divorce ring, you can consider it symbolic of then and now.

Now that you’re the undisputed Queen of Your Life, it’s time to get FANCY. This ring screams confidence with an Oval, Round, or Cushion Cut Lab-Grown Diamond, surrounded by an ornate halo of Lab Diamonds in a vintage setting.

Three stone rings are traditionally purchased to honor the past, present, and future. You can celebrate your own past, present, and future and sing the new song in your heart with The Chorus, a classic Three Stone Ring.

A thoroughly modern Millie for a thoroughly modern you. The Millie Hidden Halo features a hidden halo of 0.06ctw lab grown diamonds for a sly surprise between its delicate high polish band and your diamond center stone.

This calm, serene ring features a thin bezel halo surrounding your Oval Cut Lab Created Diamond center stone on a petite plain metal band - a grounded look perfect if you want a smooth, simple style.

Bling, bling, and a little more bling for good measure. Your Center Stone will be supported by a row of five Lab-Created Diamonds on either side of the center stone for a total of 0.50ctw. Think of them as little good luck charms.

You are your own Heroine. You really are. Honor the hard things you’ve overcome with a flattering Pear Cut accented with Lab Grown Diamonds in a halo around the center stone and down the shank.

Any woman can wear a beautiful solitaire ring for any reason she wants! The Traditional Claw Prong Solitaire has a claw prong head that holds the center stone on a delicate rounded edge shank. Plus, we can’t lie, claws make us feel powerful.

Most of our rings can be modified to include your original engagement ring diamond, or even your original ring setting if you desire. Just inquire with our custom design department so we can make something one-of-a-kind to celebrate you.

Should I get a divorce ring?

That’s for you, and only you, to decide. We recognize that divorce rings are not for everyone, and the decision to wear one is deeply personal. Some individuals prefer to mark the end of their marriage in more private or introspective ways, while others may find solace in alternative forms of self-expression. Ultimately, the significance of divorce rings lies in the autonomy and agency they afford to those who choose to embrace them.

Divorce rings represent a modern and empowering approach to the dissolution of marriage. They offer individuals a tangible symbol of closure, healing, and renewal, allowing them to reclaim agency over their narratives and embrace the opportunities for growth and self-discovery that divorce can bring. As attitudes towards divorce continue to evolve, divorce rings are likely to become increasingly prevalent, serving as a powerful reminder of your inner strength to rise above the toughest times – better and brighter.


Katy Moore , Senior Manager, Brand Marketing

Katy Moore is the Senior Manager, Brand Marketing of MiaDonna. She first crossed paths with Anna-Mieke in 2008 and has admired MiaDonna’s sparkling jewelry and rewarding mission ever since. Before joining MiaDonna, Katy spent 15 years in broadcast media, event promotion, and advertising agencies, honing skills in social media, strategic partnerships, community building and media planning. When she’s not sharing MiaDonna with fans, she’s choosing her new favorite song. 

Katy is an expert in popular culture, fashion, style, and conscientious spending.

Anna-Mieke Anderson , CEO & Founder

Anna-Mieke, founder & CEO of MiaDonna, is globally recognized as the pioneer of the lab-grown diamond industry. She is a dedicated mother of two, an avid philanthropist, and successful entrepreneur, named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of their 100 Powerful Women.

Her dedication to creating lab-grown diamonds, even before the technology was available, has been recognized by global industry authorities and organizations. She personally leads activism relief missions to diamond & gold mining regions making her, possibility, the only person that has experience in both diamond mines and diamond labs. 


Anna-Mieke is an expert in Lab Grown Diamonds & Gems, Earth Mined Diamonds & Quality, Diamond Industry, eCommerce, Social Enterprise, Retail & Fashion, Sustainability, and Women & Human Rights.