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Solitaire Engagement Rings and Eternity Bands: The Perfect Match

Solitaire Engagement Rings and Eternity Bands: The Perfect Match

Solitaire Engagement Rings and Eternity Bands: The Perfect Match

One of the hottest trends in engagement rings is also one of the most timeless: the solitaire engagement ring. Millions of people adore Solitaire Engagement Rings for their timeless and elegant design. A solitaire setting features a single, stunning gemstone - typically a diamond - set in a minimalist and unadorned band.

The beauty of solitaire rings lies in their simplicity. The plain band highlights the center stone's brilliance for a serious wow factor.

Traditional Solitaire Engagement Rings worn with Eternity Bands

Need to find the perfect wedding band go to with your solitaire engagement ring? May we present…the Eternity Band.

What is an Eternity Band?

Eternity wedding bands boast a continuous row of diamonds that encircle the entire ring. These rings symbolize eternal love, making them a popular choice for both wedding and anniversary bands.

If you’re wondering what wedding band looks best with a solitaire, Eternity Bands have a sparkly spot in our heart. Many people believe that an eternity wedding band is the ideal choice to complement a solitaire engagement ring. Seeing our favorites, it's hard to disagree!

What Eternity Band Should I Wear with a Solitaire Engage Ring?

Our Eternity Lab Grown Diamond Band is the most traditional, classic version of this style staple. Prong set Lab Grown Diamonds go all the way around the band, creating a beautiful look paired with an engagement ring, or even as a fun fashion ring on any finger.

Traditional Solitaire ring with wedding band, Eternity Lab Grown Diamond Band in White Gold

For a really decadent look, our Golden Lab-Grown Diamond Band literally offers double the diamonds than a typical eternity band ring, with two rows of 2.0ctw Round Cut Lab Grown Diamonds set in 14K White Gold for a truly impressive stack.

MiaDonna’s Golden Lab-Grown Diamond Band

The Cluster Eternity Band offers a fun twist on the look with 2.0ctw Lab Grown Diamonds alternating in size all the way around the shank for a little unexpected visual dimension.

Cluster Eternity Band shown in Rose Gold

How Can I Save Money on an Eternity Band?

Pro-tip: If you love the look of an eternity band but have a budget to stick to, don't worry. There are many bands that offer the look of an eternity band, with stones along just the top, since the underside is rarely seen. If that’s what you want, the 11 Stone Lab Grown Diamond Band is your new best friend!

11-Stone Band Show with Round Solitaire

We can even custom make an 11-Stone Band with your choice of gemstone for a pop of color, like this pink one we specially crafted by request from one of our #MiaDonnaHeroes. Don't see the option you want? Learn how you can Custom Design Your Own Ring with MiaDonna!

Custom Pink Sapphire Eternity Band in Platinum, shown with Traditional Solitaire

While the most common diamond shape for eternity band diamonds is round cut, we love to create non-traditional engagement rings and wedding bands. The east-west baguette cuts in our Haven Wedding Band, which showcases 0.90ctw of Lab Grown Diamonds for three quarters of the band length, give this baguette wedding band a glimmering twist.

Haven Wedding Band with Baguette Cut Lab-Grown Diamonds

Our Venetian Stackable Band glistens with 0.91ctw Lab Grown Diamonds around the top to offer the look of an eternity band with a slimmer profile and a lower price point. The Venetian looks fantastic paired with a Solitaire, or even stacked with our Aspen Wedding Band and Venetian Halo Engagement Ring, as seen here. Add to cart? Yes please!

Venetian Engagement Ring, Aspen Wedding Band, Venetian Stackable Band (L-R)

Emerald cut eternity bands are a brilliant way to get a more trendy diamond eternity band. Another extraordinary choice is the Estate Lab Grown Diamond Band. While its diamonds do not extend the full length of the shank, Estate features 7 Emerald Cut Lab-Grown Diamonds for a very current, powerful look.

Estate Band with Lab Grown Diamonds, shown in White Gold

Ultimately, your budget when you buy an engagement ring and wedding band is totally up to you. Still, you can get up to double the diamond for your dollar by choosing a MiaDonna lab-created diamond instead of a mined diamond.

That’s because our supply chain is so much shorter than the earth-mined diamond industry. Our diamonds go from our labs, to our casting house, to you. That’s better for the environment, and better for your wallet too.\

Can You Resize an Eternity Band?

No, unfortunately you cannot resize an eternity wedding band. Every stone in an eternity band is selected to fit perfectly inside a ring of that finger size. Each stone works together to fill a band of exactly that size, so an eternity band cannot be resized.

If you love the look of an eternity band but you need the flexibility of getting it resized, we can help. MiaDonna’s 11 Stone Lab Grown Diamond Band, 7 Stone Lab Grown Diamond Bar Band, and 5 Stone Lab Grown Diamond Band are all great options that achieve similar looks to the Eternity but can be resized since their diamonds don’t extend around the entire shank.

7 Stone Lab Grown Diamond Bar Band in White Gold

Solitaire Engagement Ring + Eternity Wedding Band = Love

Solitaire rings and eternity bands both carry deep symbolic meaning. Solitaire rings represent the idea of a single, enduring love, with the single stone symbolizing a unique and undivided connection between two people. Eternity bands, on the other hand, symbolize never-ending love and commitment, as the continuous line of gemstones signifies an unbroken circle of affection.

Solitaire rings and eternity bands, with their distinct charm and symbolism, hold a special place in the world of fine jewelry. If you opt for a classic solitaire ring and a dazzling eternity band, both choices represent enduring love and commitment, making them perfect complements to your love story.


Katy Moore , Senior Manager, Brand Marketing

Katy Moore is the Senior Manager, Brand Marketing of MiaDonna. She first crossed paths with Anna-Mieke in 2008 and has admired MiaDonna’s sparkling jewelry and rewarding mission ever since. Before joining MiaDonna, Katy spent 15 years in broadcast media, event promotion, and advertising agencies, honing skills in social media, strategic partnerships, community building and media planning. When she’s not sharing MiaDonna with fans, she’s choosing her new favorite song. 

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