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Top 7 New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas

The New Year is fast approaching. You want to propose to your loved one, but want it to be a memorable experience and hear that much anticipated "yes!" Get inspiration with these unique New Year proposal ideas.

Bride & Groom Guide

8 Ways To Stretch Your Engagement Ring Budget

Today’s Millennials and Gen Z are no longer buying into the notion that they need to spend 2 months' salary on an impressive bauble. It’s important to know that you can still get a gorgeous ring on a limited budget. These helpful hints show you how to get more for less!

Bride & Groom Guide

5 Ethical Clothing Brands To Update Your Wardrobe

We love our lab-created diamonds and ethical engagement rings, and when it comes to clothes, we love brands that also craft ethically-made clothing and accessories. We thought it would be fun to share 5 ethical clothing brands to update your wardrobe this season.

Bride & Groom Guide

Top 10 Wedding Rom-Com Movies

Does anyone know if the engagement rings in these movies have lab-grown diamonds? We sure wish they did! Check out our list below of the top 10 feel-good wedding movies for your next movie night.

Bride & Groom Guide

Top 6 Oregon Winter Wedding Destinations

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are quite lucky to be surrounded by everything from small, quaint beach towns and cottages, to snowy mountain-top resorts for skiing and cozy winter activities. Oregon has plenty of stunning venues for any wedding...