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| By MiaDonna & Company | 10 min read
Navigating through the stages of grief and facing the intense feelings associated with the death of a loved one is a difficult journey. However, an impressive transformation is occurring in how we can commemorate those who have departed—through the creation of memorial diamonds, also known as cremation diamonds, from cremated remains. Read More
| By MiaDonna & Company | 2 min read
Get inspiration for your very own Christmas proposal with MiaDonna's romantic ideas for popping the big question this holiday season. Read More
| By Katy Moore | 4 min read
Celebrate the holiday season by expressing love and appreciation for the women in your life with MiaDonna's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, offering a range of thoughtful jewelry options tailored to individual tastes, from romantic pieces for girlfriends to everyday elegance for wives, classic gifts for mothers, sentimental choices for sisters, stylish picks for best friends, and unique, personalized options for daughters. Read More
| By Stephanie Duffy | 5 min read
International Singles' Day celebrates women's independence and choice, emphasizing the empowering nature of being single and its contributions to societal progress. The article mentions famous single women, notes the increasing number of single women, and underscores the responsibility that comes with this freedom, urging support for women's rights and education. It encourages self-celebration, support for organizations, and activities with single friends, concluding with a toast to the progress and liberation for women to choose singlehood. Read More
| By Anna-Mieke Anderson | 7 min read

Three-stone baguette rings, with a rich history and symbolism, symbolize the past, present, and future of love and commitment, making them ideal for special occasions and self-expression in the world of fine jewelry.

Read More
| By MiaDonna & Company | 7 min read