About Our Loose Simulated Diamonds

MiaDonna® works closely together with the world's biggest and most respected diamond growers, cutters and engineers to bring to market exceptions diamonds, made in a modern-day lab environment. Please take a look at the follow database to find your perfect stone. All these diamonds are also available in all our rings.

- MiaDonna man-made diamonds also described as cultured diamonds or synthetic diamonds are diamonds that have been grown in a lab. Our man-made diamonds are offered in a variety of colors like vivid orange yellow, pink, blue and white. We have access to an extremely large data base of man-made diamonds, so if you don't see what you are looking for please contact us with your request.

- The world famous DIAMOND HYBRID® is the most beautiful and scientifically advanced, diamond infused simulant ever created. Constructed from a crystal core that has an infusion of enhanced lab created diamond on the outer layer, the Diamond Hybrid by MiaDonna® posseses the most realistic, natural looking brilliance you will ever see from a simulant and is offered for 3% the cost of a mined diamond.

- MiaDonna® offers the most scientifically advanced, awe inspiring, precision cut, and rarest colored LAB CREATED GEMS available. Also known as Cultured Gemstones or Synthetic Gemstones these gems are individually grown to be identical matches to their natural cousins. They are physically, chemically and optically identical, but cost much less. We only use a flux fusion (Flux Method) process, which creates the highest quality Lab Grown Gem available.

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