Diamond Hybrid® - Our world famous diamond simulant is the most affordable, beautiful and scientifically advanced, diamond infused, diamond alternative ever created!

Constructed from a crystal core that has an infusion of enhanced lab-created diamond on the outer layer, the Diamond Hybrid possesses the most realistic, natural looking brilliance you will ever see from a diamond simulant and is offered at 3% the cost of an earth-mined diamond.

Our diamond simulant provides unmatched beauty guaranteed to be D to F in color and VVS1 to VS2 in clarity. To the naked eye, 4 out of 5 jewelers cannot tell the difference. It is also available in a large selection of shapes and carat sizes making it the perfect addition to any style engagement ring.

Owned and adored by the celebrities you love and priced at only $358 per carat, it is by far the best and most affordable conflict-free diamond simulant on the market.

Still don't believe that it is the best diamond simulant ever created? See it for yourself in our Portland, Oregon showroom or order it online with free USA shipping and 30-day returns.

Learn about the Diamond Hybrid



the cost of an earth-mined diamond - a flat rate of $358.00 per carat.



SP3 carbon bonds on the diamond infused outer layer.



the beauty of an earth-mined diamond. VVS1 to VVS2 in clarity and D-F in color.



tons of the earth (on average) is saved each month by customers choosing our diamond simulant over an earth-mined diamond.

Why Choose Diamond Hybrid?


The Diamond Hybrid averages a D to F in color, VVS1 to VS2 in clarity and is cut using the AGS cutting scale of 1 or 2, otherwise described as an excellent to very good cut.

It is the most beautiful, realistic, natural looking diamond simulant ever created and compliments the finest earth-mined diamonds superbly.

Results from MiaDonna run tests conclude that 4 out of 5 jewelers cannot tell the difference between our diamond simulant and an earth-mined diamond using their natural eye.



Created by placing a perfectly cut crystal core or substrate into a chamber of intense heat and pressure and infusing lab-created diamond crystals, or bonding them at a molecular level, into the outer layers of the crystal core. These lab created diamond crystals stack up on the core and realign with each other. The finished product is a diamond infused simulant that has a non precious crystal core and a solid outer layer of lab-created diamond that will never wear off or detach from the core.

Click the link below to compare to lab-created and earth-mined diamonds.


Price and Shape

Available in a wide variety of shapes and carat sizes.

Priced at only $358.00 per carat and graded at VVS1 clarity, D color - it also comes with a full complimentary warranty, making it the most beautiful and economic diamond alternative available.

Your designer dream ring is truly a reality now. Currently available in the following shapes and a variety of different sizes: Brilliant Hearts and Arrows Round, Princess, Pear, Emerald, Radiant, Asscher, Cushion and Oval.

Diamond Hybrid Price and Shape

Hardness and Durability

Our hybrid diamond has the same hardness as a precious gem, like a Sapphire or Ruby, and should be treated with the same care. Because of its infused outer diamond layer it is also nearly two times harder than an ordinary CZ and will not absorb oils from the everyday use of soaps, lotions and/or beauty products.

The outer layer consisting of lab-created diamond is non-porous just like a natural diamond, so the it will never cloud or discolor. Click here for care and cleaning instructions.

Diamond Hybrid Hardness & Durability


MiaDonna® was founded by consumers, so we go above and beyond to protect our customers with 3 comprehensive Warranty/Guarantee programs. These complimentary programs include our Lifetime Guarantee, Complimentary Insurance and Loss/Theft Insurance.

Diamond Hybrid Warranty

Technology Verification

To add additional peace of mind, every Diamond Hybrid comes with an identification card from Global Gem Lab, a world renown gemological laboratory. It includes a description of the technology and verifies that it is created with an infusion of lab-created diamond.

Diamond Hybrid Technology Verification

Diamond Hybrid vs. Earth Mined



Diamond Hybrid

Guaranteed Conflict Free No Yes
Hardness Mohs 10 9.1
SP3 Carbon Diamond Bonds % 100% 85% on the outer layer
Internal Crystal Structure Face-Centered-Cubic / Singly Refractive Face-Centered-Cubic / Singly Refractive
Hardness Comparable n/a Same as Ruby or Sapphire
Cuts Glass Yes Yes
Clarity Varies Flawless to VS2
Index of Refraction 2.42 Analysis shows excellent averaging 2.24
Color Various Grades D to G Grades
Cut Varies on Cost Very Good
Final Polish Diamond Powder Diamond Powder
Availability Abundant, but supply is tightly restricted Available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes
Price $$$$$ Up to 40% less than mined diamonds

Price Comparison

Tiffany & Co Platinum Legacy Engagement Ring

MiaDonna® Platinum Luxury Engagement Ring

Tiffany & Co Platinum Legacy

Center Stone: Earth-Mined Cushion Cut Diamond - H Color - VS1 Clarity - 1.87Ct.

Accenting Diamonds: 42 Earth-Mined Round Brilliant Diamond that add to 0.42ctw - F Color VS1 Clarity Diamonds.

Metal: Solid Platinum 950

$39,800 + Tax!

simulated diamond engagement rings

Center Stone: Diamond Hybrid® Cushion Cut - F Color - VS1 Clarity - 2.0Ct.

Accenting Diamonds: 58 Earth-Mined Round Brilliant Diamond that add to 0.58ctw - G/H Color SI Clarity Diamonds.

Metal: Solid Platinum 950

$4,117.00 (also available in 14K gold for $2,986.00)


Tiffany & Co Platinum Lucida Engagement Ring

MiaDonna® Platinum Lucy Engagement Ring

Center Stone: "Lucida" cut Earth Mined Diamond - I color - VS1 Clarity - 1.07ct

Metal: Solid Platinum 950

$12,200.00 + Tax!

simulated diamond engagement rings

Center Stone: MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® Asscher Cut - D Color - VS1 Clarity - 1.0Ct.

Metal: Solid Platinum 950

$1,832.00 (also available in 14K gold for $857.00)


Diamond Grading and Analysis

MiaDonna uses the highly recognized Global Gemological Lab located in California, USA. The GGL grades for many companies you've already heard of like Fred Meyer Jewelers, Kay Jewelers and Jared's. We like the idea of providing our customers grading cards from a real company that has already established themselves as a leader in the diamond grading and appraisal industry in order to offer an independent, unbiased opinion and grading of our diamond simulant.

  1. The GGL will grade the cut, clarity, color and carat size of your center stone and any other accenting stones used in your setting. The grading card will also identify the precious metal used in creating your ring.
  2. The second piece verifies technology and states that MiaDonna's Simulated Diamond Hybrid is a diamond simulant with an infused outer layer of man-made diamond.

All hybrid stones purchased from MiaDonna will automatically come with an Identification Card from the Global Gem Lab giving a brief statement as to the technology used to create our diamond simulant. However, If you wish to have your finished piece sent to the lab for grading of the actual stones set in your ring simply add the Grading Card at checkout and we will ship your finished ring to the lab where every stone will be individually graded on its 4C's using the identical qualifiers used to grade earth mined diamonds.

Complimentary Identification Card

This is the identification Card from GGL with a brief description of the technology used when creating our hybrid diamonds.

Diamond Hybrid Identification Card

Optional Grading Card

If you wish, you have the option to have the GGL give your ring a thorough grading of all the stones and precious metals used. This Grading Card is available at checkout.

Diamond Hybrid Grading Card

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