We’re a foundation-first company

When Anna-Mieke learned the truth behind her own earth-mined diamond she became passionate about finding a conflict-free option and soon realized that the only true conflict free diamond was lab-created.

Knowing there was a better way, Anna-Mieke set out in search of a beautiful, ethical and affordable diamond alternative. As a result, MiaDonna was born (named after her daughter Mia and mother Donna).

Since the launch of the company's first online boutique in 2007, MiaDonna customers have helped fund agricultural farms in Sierra Leone and Liberia through MiaDonna’s foundation, The Greener Diamond, where child soldiers are trained and supported to grow food instead of mining for diamonds.


We care about the environment

We believe conflict-free diamonds should not only positively impact the environment, but also humanity. This is why we plant a tree through the Nature Conservatory for every order placed. Operating in such a sustainable manner has rewarded us with approval from Green America and the honor of receiving the Green America Seal of Approval.

One of the by-products of making the Diamond Hybrid is Oxygen! With every one-carat Diamond Hybrid®, lab-created diamond or lab-created gemstone sold in place of an earth-mined diamond, we’ve prevented up-to 250 tons of ore from being extracted from the earth.

Our settings are created using the highest quality recycled precious metals, so we don't need to mine and pollute natural environments with cyanide to source our metals.

Furthermore, domestic USA orders will come with our complimentary eco-friendly jewelry cleaner.


We're 100% female owned & operated

In an industry that is male dominated and heavily based on old traditions and unethical standards, a woman’s gentler touch might just be what this industry needs.

Studies show that companies that perform best financially have the greatest numbers of women in leadership roles. Evidence also shows that women are more likely to reinvest their profits in education, family and their communities.

As stated by Richard Branson in a recent article, “we’ve learned first-hand at Virgin how much female leaders can be critical to the success of a business. Despite competing in sectors dominated by men in suits and ties, a number of our companies are helmed by female leaders and employ women in senior roles.”


We handcraft every item in America

Every MiaDonna item is handcrafted from scratch right here in the United States, directly benefiting both you and the U.S. economy.

We only use solid recycled precious metals and craft every piece of jewelry to the highest American industry standards. Furthermore, we intentionally craft our rings thicker with a higher metal gram weight than most of our competitors, to ensure superior quality is achieved each and every time.

As a full-service jeweler, we are proud to offer custom design services that enable us to provide uttermost flexibility in the creation of your jewelry. Your dream ring will be handcrafted per your specifications at time of order. We don’t simply resize a sample, we create your jewelry from scratch, JUST FOR YOU.


We're at the technological forefront

At the heart of our business is innovation. We guarantee you’ll always find the best selection of lab-created diamonds at MiaDonna because we continually strive to push boundaries, working with groundbreaking labs and scientists to always be at the forefront of ever-changing technology.

Our goal is to provide our customers the most scientifically advanced, beautiful and affordable lab-created diamonds available, created under ethical and environmentally safe working conditions.

We make it personal

MiaDonna was founded by a diamond consumer, for diamond consumers, so we know the importance of treating our customers just like we’d expect to be treated.

With MiaDonna Personal Shoppers ready to assist, we've created an online experience as memorable as being proposed to. And if you're lucky enough to live in Portland, Oregon, we offer one-on-one personal consultations in our appointment-only showroom. Enjoy a glass of champagne or a chilled beer while browsing our stunning collections in a private, no-pressure environment.


Your dream ring, at a price you'll adore

With over 500 unique designs, you'll find the ring of your dreams at MiaDonna.

Every ring can be configured to your exact requirements, and if you don't see that perfect piece online, have no fear. Our team of highly skilled designers and artisans will work with you to design and craft a custom piece uniquely for you


We're the rebels

We're misfits. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.

We're not your typical jeweler. In fact, jewelry is probably the only similarity between your typical "mall jeweler" and us. We're all about creating traditions, not following them. New traditions that won't impact you, the environment or native communities.

We're making beautiful, ethical and affordable jewelry accessible and attainable to all. After all, who would be silly enough to let an advertisement dictate how much they should spend on an engagement ring.


Our Customers' Words

MiaDonna was the whole package: solid mission of helping to bring awareness to and repair the damage done by the diamond mining industry; a HUGE array of beautiful designs, and affordable pricing. The unexpected 4th plus to choosing MiaDonna was the supreme level of personal customer service I received from Jaime as soon as the order was placed.

We recently got my wedding ring through your company and had it "altered" to fit what my dream ring was. I CANNOT say enough how beautiful this ring was!!!! People actually gasp when they see it!!

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