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Meet Dani and James, our May featured couple. After meeting in college through their mutual love of basketball, they found out how much they had in common and how much they liked each other. After many adventures and memories together, they're ready to make some new ones as newlyweds!

The couple met in college in 2011 at their alma mater, Highline College in Des Moines, WA, after James graduated and while Dani was still attending. They both played basketball there, Dani was facilitating basketball intramurals, and James was playing with an old teammate. The two got to know each other over the following months until James decided to finally ask for Dani’s number. That was the start of something amazing.

May Featured Couple

Every year, James runs a half-marathon/marathon in Bend, OR and this year Dani decided to not only tag along but participate, too. It would be her first half-marathon and James thought this would be an excellent time to propose. After the race that morning, James and his best man planned the place and scenario on a bridge in the Old Mill District where the couple went to shop and go wine tasting. Before they went wine tasting (to celebrate) they decided to take a couple photos of Peter (his best man) and his wife, and Dani and James. The couple took a few photos, but Peter said the sunlight looked poor so they needed to move and retake them. While Dani moved, Peter threw James the ring box and Dani turned around to see him with it as he approached on one knee and asked if she’d like to be his wife.

With a rainbow in the background, she said yes and they celebrated afterwards at Va Piano tasting room.

James said it took every trick, tool, and bit of grace for everything to be ready in time and in Bend for the proposal to happen. He said it was special, to say the least. With only a 9-day turnaround time for Dani’s engagement ring to be crafted and shipped before the proposal, it wasn’t supposed to arrive in Portland until the day they were already in Bend, but luckily, it showed up and was able to be overnight shipped to their AirBnB! It arrived two hours early when Dani was in the kitchen and saw the UPS courier arrive. His friends helped him cover the truth from start to finish, and the plan went perfectly.

Featured Couple of May

Dani and James’s wedding date is set for November 24, 2019 and we just can’t wait to see the beautiful fall wedding photos! The MiaDonna team wishes nothing but the best for the couple and we look forward to keeping up with them in the future.