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Featured Couple - Meet Gandhi and Ali

Featured Couple - Meet Gandhi and Ali

Featured Couple - Meet Gandhi and Ali

Meet Mahatma (aka Gandhi) and Natalia (aka Ali)! Though they were both born in the Philippines, they now reside in New York, where they first met. When their paths first crossed ten years ago in the Empire State, Gandhi and Ali had no idea what the future had in store for them.

It all began in 2008 when Ali came to New York to visit family. It was at their Filipino Church where she was introduced to Gandhi by mutual friends. It would be another four years until they met again. In 2012, Ali returned to New York and they saw each other briefly at a party. Toward the later half of the trip, they started talking more via text. A few weeks later he made his first long distance call which later grew to frequent video chats. Unfortunately, back in that day, the unreliable internet connection made it difficult to keep in touch from such a distance.

After months of silence, Ali would return to New York again for Christmas. It was during this trip that the spark re-ignited and they would become official in January of 2014. After dating long distance for a year and half, Ali moved to New York to pursue her Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design at the New York School of Interior Design. Through her education, Gandhi has been her biggest supporter providing a constant source of encouragement.

This past February, the lovely couple became engaged, but it didn’t go as planned. Gandhi intended to pop the question at the "Solid Light Works" exhibit by Anthony McCall at the Pioneer Works gallery in Brooklyn. He thought it would be amazing if he proposed to Ali under the lights. Unfortunately, the exhibit was teeming with teens, kids and families.

After returning to the car, Gandi turned on the radio. “Spend My Life With You" by Eric Benet began to play as he held her hand. A few seconds before the song ended, he let go of her hand to reach for his pocket. Before she knew it, he grabbed her hand again and slipped the most beautiful ring on her finger! Ali was so stunned that she forgot to say yes, but Gandhi was quick to ask again and of course she said yes!

solitaire engagement ring

In 2017, Ali learned about MiaDonna’s foundation, The Greener Diamond, from a classmate. She began researching and shared information with Gandhi. They both loved the idea of ethically sourced diamonds and supporting communities in Africa. They browsed the website and both fell in love with the Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring in platinum with a cushion cut Diamond Hybrid. It was the first and only ring they both loved in an instant and it is the beautiful ring she wears on her finger today!

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