Help Us Support Australia

Article by MiaDonna

Help Us Support Australia

Australia will always be special to MiaDonna. Our Founder and CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson is Australian and her homeland needs our help more than ever as the brushfires overwhelm the country.

True to our MiaDonna motto, of letting your love be part of the solution, for every Five Stone Lab-Grown Diamond Necklace (0.25ctw) you purchase at MiaDonna from now until Valentine's Day, we will give 100% of the purchase price* to the Australian Red Cross. 

Five Stone Vertical Necklace

In the video below, Anna-Mieke explains why it is so important for us to give back during this time of need.  

This Valentine’s Day, you can make a difference by giving the gift that gives back.  In addition to helping Australia, your purchase will also help fund our foundation, The Greener Diamond, which helps repair the lives and land negatively affected by the diamond mining industry. Order your Five Stone Lab-Grown Diamond Necklace (0.25ctw) today!

*While Supplies Last. MiaDonna will donate 100% of the purchase price minus shipping & handling.