Top 5 Lab-Grown Ruby Gemstone Engagement Rings

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Happy Birthday, July babies! To celebrate your stunning birthstone, we're sharing some of our favorite lab-grown ruby gemstone engagement rings. The pop of color is unique, striking, and definitely a timeless keepsake you’ll have for a lifetime. 

1. Blonde Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Blonde Solitaire Engagement ring can be made with your choice of lab-grown diamond, lab-grown gemstone, or Diamond Hybrid simulant center stone on a classic solitaire band. The matching solid metal wedding band accentuates the engagement ring superbly with minimal gapping.

Blonde Solitaire Engagement Ring

2. Celestial Three Stone Engagement Ring

The heavenly Celestial Three Stone Engagement Ring, accented with Half Moon recycled earth-mined diamond side stones on a smooth rounded shank, can be set with any shape center stone. Because of their unique shape, the Half Moons are sure to catch the eye of anyone who views this ring.

Celestial Three Stone Engagement Ring

3. Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring is inspired by the Tiffany Solitaire Engagement Ring. This ring has a classic style prong head that holds the lab-grown ruby gemstone center stone on a delicate rounded edge shank which narrows at the head. 

Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring

4. Heroine Accented Engagement Ring

Every Heroine deserves her happily ever after - bring her fairytale to life with this beautiful engagement ring. This engagement ring comes accented with recycled earth-mined diamonds in a halo around the lab-grown ruby gemstone center stone and down the shank.

Heroine Accented Engagement Ring

5. Reflection Three Stone Ring

The Reflection Three Stone Ring was inspired by Kim Kardashian's engagement ring. This ring features a stunning, basket set display of an Emerald Cut lab-grown ruby gemstone center stone with smaller recycled earth-mined Emerald Cut diamonds on either side. 

Reflection Three Stone Ring

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