New Arrivals: Fancy Color Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Our newest selection of fancy color lab-grown diamonds are identical in every way to what you'd get from the earth, and priced phenomenally – tens to hundreds of thousands less than a comparable mined counterpart! From Fancy Vivid Yellow to Stunning Pink hues, we’ve got gorgeous new shapes and colors to suit every style. Keep reading to learn more about our fancy color lab-grown diamonds.

Q: What is a fancy color diamond? 

A: Fancy color diamonds are yellow and brown diamonds that exhibit color beyond the Z range, or diamonds that exhibit any other color face-up. These rare specimens come in every color of the spectrum, including, most importantly, blue, green, pink, and red. (GIA)

Q: What is the most expensive fancy diamond color? 

A: To date, the most valuable and highest price sold fancy color diamond, is the Pink Star, a 59.60 carat Fancy Vivid Pink, Oval cut diamond. This was sold in 2017 at… wait for it… $71.2 million. This pink diamond shattered all previous records and dethroned both the Oppenheimer blue for title of most valuable colored stone of all time, and the Graff Pink for the title of the most expensive pink diamond ever sold at an auction.

Q: How can I craft a custom ring with a fancy color lab-grown diamond from MiaDonna? 

A:  If you’re looking to get one of our fancy color lab-grown diamonds set in a ring setting or as an accessory, you have a few different options to work with! First, you can start by building your ring on our website and choose an existing MiaDonna ring setting, then pick the fancy color stone you prefer as your center stone. If you want a custom ring setting, our custom design team is happy to help craft that to perfection for you! 

Facts and Information About Fancy Color Diamonds (Sourced from GIA)

Only 1 in 10,000 diamonds has a fancy color. Red diamonds are so rare that only a handful are actually known to exist. The most valuable fancy color diamond hues are pink, blue and green. Fancy shapes such as radiant and cushion cut are commonly used to maximize the intensity of the color. The world’s first diamond color-grading system dates back to sixth-century India. The system was based on the country’s ancient class structure. Members of different classes and status levels were only allowed to own and wear diamonds of a specific color, depending on their social class. Diamonds served as a badge of rank and showed the community what your role was.

Comparing Prices Between MiaDonna Fancy Color Lab-Grown Diamonds & Fancy Color Earth-Mined Diamonds 

When looking at the price difference between fancy color lab-grown diamonds and fancy color earth-mined diamonds, it’s clear that choosing lab-grown is the better option yet again. As an example of the value and conflict-free beauty you can get by choosing lab-grown diamonds from MiaDonna versus a competitor, our 1.45ct Heart cut Fancy Vivid Pink Lab-Created Diamond is priced at $11,000 USD. From an earth-mined diamond competitor, a 1.02ct Heart cut Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond is priced at $581,500 USD. We'll let the numbers speak for themselves! 

Another example of the stark price difference between fancy color lab-grown diamonds versus earth-mined diamonds, is the Spirit of the Rose, a 14.83ct fancy purple-pink color earth-mined diamond, which may sell this year for up to $60 million (JCK). At MiaDonna, our most expensive fancy color lab-grown diamond is the Heart cut Fancy Vivid Pink, as shown above. $11,000 versus $60 million, which would you choose?

Shop online 24/7 or in our Portland, OR showroom and view our Fancy Color Lab-Grown Diamonds in person! Our team is ready to assist in building and perfecting your dream ring or accessory. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.