Featured Couple - Emily and Jake

Article by Guest

Written by Jessica Kennedy

Meet our latest featured couple, Emily and Jake! We start this love story back in high school where the two had known each other through their mutual interest of band. Plus it helped that they hung around the same friends!

The two decided to start dating the summer before their senior year. Jake had plans to attend school in Norman, Oklahoma, while Emily moved to Nashville, Tennessee. These two were determined to make their relationship work and really appreciate the individuality the distance allowed while growing together as a couple.

Featured Couple

After graduating college, the couple had the opportunity to travel Europe for three weeks. They were in Venice, one of the most romantic spots in Italy. They enjoyed a wonderful pasta and wine dinner together on their first night. Conveniently, while they were dining a band passed by playing music to really set the mood. The stroll back home along the canal was the perfect opportunity for Jake to propose outside!

Emily has a deep passion for being an honest consumer and wanted her ring to reflect these values and love. She put a lot of research into her decision and eventually found MiaDonna’s Home Try-On Program, resulting in the couple experiencing the rings in the comfort of their home. The Crown Vintage Engagement Ring ended up being the winner!

Emily and Jake are currently living in Seattle, Washington and have plans for a longer engagement to allow more time to get settled. They hope to tie the knot in the spring of 2020!

Featured Couple