Featured Couple - Meet Grace and Ethan

Article by Adam

Written by Jessica Kennedy

Meet Grace and Ethan, our featured couple this month! The couple met over a dating app in August of 2016 and soon made plans to meet in person the following Labor Day weekend. By November, they were official!

Now let’s talk about the proposal...the couple was on a family vacation with Grace’s family in England. Ethan had a plan to propose on the trip, but it ended up a week earlier than he initially thought. The group was visiting the Windsor Castle, which is one of Grace’s favorite places in England to visit. Ethan waited all day, patiently trying to find the right time to pop the question, hoping for something romantic. But it never came during the tour.

Featured Couple

Feeling a little bummed, the family went out to lunch together. When Grace stepped away from the table, Ethan was given a pep talk from family members to go back and see if the Castle would let them back in. Everyone headed back to the Castle to catch an evening prayer and that’s when Ethan got down on one knee. The family captured the event with pictures and videos!

Now on this trip, Grace was hoping Ethan would propose. She even though she saw a tiny little box in his pant pocket all day! She was starting to think that the question wasn’t going to be asked that day. As soon as he was down on one knee asking her by her full name to marry him, Grace said “yes!”

It’s only appropriate that the ring also be named the Grace! After all, she loved the halo and vintage style. She showed Ethan her top 5 rings on Pinterest, but Ethan knew after looking at this one, that it was the one for her.

The couple is currently living in two different cities about three and a half hours apart, but they are making it work! They have set a date for the summer of 2019!

Featured Couple