How to Make Valentine’s Day Special During Covid

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With traditional date spots being closed or at a lower capacity due to the ever-present COVID-19 , there are fewer go-to spots than usual for couples to spend a special Valentine’s Day celebration. There are always beautiful gift ideas that will make anyone feel special, but what can you do aside from giving gifts? Luckily we started brainstorming and came up with some other ways to celebrate the day of love with your special loved one(s). Some of these might already be a part of your everyday life together, but there’s always a new spin to bring to classic at home date night ideas.

a couple playing foosball together

Who doesn’t love a great game night? Grab your favorite board game or card game and some snacks (adult beverages optional) and sit around a table or comfy space and begin! Some games may be more encouraging for spending time together than others; we think everyone knows what Monopoly can do to relationships! Some of our personal favorites are Uno, Yahtzee, Checkers, Chess, Scrabble, Guess Who, and especially Jenga if you want a small level of risk involved. This doesn’t only apply to board and card games, you can power up your console and play your favorite video game as a team, or even as rivals! Incorporate small prizes for wins in any game to spice things up a bit.


For all of our long-distance couples or newly dating couples trying to be safe in the days of COVID-19, we’ve got a cute idea for you! Pick up some popcorn and snacks and schedule a Zoom call, (or FaceTime, Facebook video chat, any platform you’d like) with your special someone for a virtual Valentine’s Day! Pick a film that you’d both love to watch together, and start them at the same time in the comfort of your own homes! You can chat throughout the movie and enjoy a low-stress night with a great film and exceptional company.

a couple cooking a dinner together for valentines day

Cooking a special dinner together can be a wonderful bonding experience, assuming you don’t have a tiny kitchen that barely fits two people (speaking from experience here). Turn on some jazz, classic Italian tunes, Norah Jones, or any kind of music that suits your tastes and create something delicious together! Maybe one of you is focused on appetizers and dessert, the other on the meal. Or maybe you both make dessert together. There are an abundance of delightful recipes you can find online to highlight both of your favorite tastes.


What about an at home paint night?! You can print out or view an image online and set up your own painting sessions (or find one via Zoom), grab your favorite colors, and get to painting! Perhaps make a cute Valentine’s Day card for one another, or decorate a frame together that will hold a favorite photo of you both. If you’re both ready for a few laughs attempt to draw portraits of each other, or even of your pets, then hang the finished product(s) in your home for a reminder of your special COVID Valentine’s Day.

a couple enjoying a romantic evening together with a tent and candlelight picnic
romantic outdoor picnic

Are you romantics at heart? These may be a little out of the box, but with our romantic hearts we are obsessed! Look up or find a book of your favorite poetry or quotes from literature and/or movies and share them with one another over a glass of wine. Perhaps you have a favorite chapter of a novel that you could read aloud, or a favorite romantic movie you’d like to share. You could write letters to each other and exchange them, or even dedicate a song to your partner to explain how much you care for them. Turn the music up and dance in the living room for an intimate, loving moment.


No matter the situation, whether in lockdown from a pandemic or enjoying life without one, try out some of these unique at home ideas for a special take on Valentine’s Day that will make you both feel loved and appreciated.

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