Do Lab Grown Diamonds Test Positive on Diamond Tests?

Article by Adam

Q: Do Lab Grown Diamonds Test Positive on Diamond Tests?

A: Yes, they do!

Lab-grown diamonds will test positive because just like earth-mined diamonds, they are 100% pure, crystallized carbon. They will pass the same tests that earth-mined diamonds undergo to confirm they are in fact, carbon. In terms of the lab-grown diamonds sold at MiaDonna, we offer one of the largest selections of Type IIa grown diamonds. These lab-grown diamonds are brighter and harder than 98% of earth-mined diamonds, and can you believe that they're 100% conflict-free? Previously, Type IIa diamonds have only been available to purchase by celebrities and royalty due to their rarity and cost, however, all MiaDonna laboratory-grown diamonds are Type IIA, so now you can purchase them for yourself!

A genuine lab-grown diamond jeweler will be happy to sell to you, confirming their origin and the fact that they are 100% a lab-grown diamond and not a simulant. Do your research when purchasing lab-grown diamonds, and know that you get what you pay for! Need any assistance from our experts while searching for a lab-grown diamond? We are happy to help anytime, and you can contact us here or stop by our Portland showroom for an appointment.