New Arrival: The Lotus

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Introducing the Lotus Engagement Ring, Wedding Band and Wedding Set – new additions to our Vintage and Antique Inspired Ring Collection. Shop these new lab-created diamond beauties below and contact us if you have any questions in regards to purchasing!

Lotus Engagement Ring

The Lotus Engagement Ring features a Round Cut center stone in your choice of a Diamond Hybrid® simulant, lab-grown diamond or lab-grown gemstone in a 4 prong head, with a flower inspired recycled earth-mined diamond accented band.

Lotus Wedding Band

The Lotus Wedding Band is the perfect match to the Lotus Engagement Ring. This unique band design curves and contours to sit flush against the engagement ring, with the side recycled earth-mined diamonds prong set for a delicate finish. Although this band matches perfectly with the Lotus Engagement Ring; you can purchase this band to wear by itself or receive a discount when purchased as a set with the engagement ring.

Lotus Wedding Set

The Lotus Wedding Set includes an engagement ring with a flower inspired recycled earth-mined diamond accented band, and contour fit wedding band made to be a perfect match. We recommend adding a band to either side of the engagement ring for an extra sparkle!