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5 Ethical Clothing Brands To Update Your Wardrobe

5 Ethical Clothing Brands To Update Your Wardrobe

5 Ethical Clothing Brands To Update Your Wardrobe

Warmer weather, sunshine and longer days are finally here. This means one thing: spring and summer clothes! We love our lab-created diamonds and ethical engagement rings, and when it comes to clothes, we love brands that also craft ethically-made clothing and accessories. We thought it would be fun to share 5 ethical clothing brands to update your wardrobe this season.

The Fabric Social

All of the fabrics created for The Fabric Social’s clothing has been ‘woven with care’ by artisans in Northeast India. They maintain traditional methods for creating fabrics and textiles, supporting local producers and villages to provide a living for many individuals. They provide fair working conditions for all employees and let the fabric producers set their own price for every meter of fabric they create. On top of that, they also focus heavily on being sustainable and eco-friendly with their fabrics, low-waste patterns and non-toxic dyes.

5 Ethical Clothing Brands The Fabric Social

Photo above: Courtesy of The Fabric Social

Victoria Road

The main motto for Victoria Road is ‘bridging cultures through design’ and that’s exactly what their team has been able to accomplish. When CEO and Co-Founder Shannon Grewer traveled to Pakistan in 2010, she returned to the USA eager to share what she saw during her travels. Victoria Road puts culture at its forefront and proudly supports local artisans and entrepreneurs and has created an inclusive supply chain to share their fashion. They guarantee their Lahore employees are paid livable wages and provided benefits as well as acknowledging the traditional holidays such as Ramadan, and providing gifts for those holidays. They strive to minimize their carbon footprint by using locally made fabrics and up-cycling their own scrap under a zero-waste policy.

5 Ethical Clothing Brands Victoria Road

Photo above: Courtesy of Victoria Road

People Tree

Established in 1991, People Tree focuses on providing fashion to consumers with the highest ethical and environmental standards. They were the first fashion company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation product label, which affirms their working conditions, fair wages and transparency for ethical fashion. People Tree supports farmers and artisans across 6 different countries and helps to actively improve their skills and strengthen their businesses.

5 Ethical Clothing Brands People Tree

Photo above: Courtesy of People Tree


A zero-waste, ethical brand striving to change the fashion industry, tonlé actually starts creating clothes with the scrap waste sourced directly from mass clothing manufacturers. How cool is that? They craft the clothing with the help of local Cambodian makers who are paid a fair wage, safe working conditions and who feel respected as a part of the fashion industry.

5 Ethical Clothing Brands Tonle

Photo above: Courtesy of tonlé


With the use of sustainable plant fibers such as bamboo and soy, Miakoda is able to produce high quality, stylish clothes and accessories. All of their packaging is recycled and/or biodegradable, their products are made in the US. and they try their best to keep their supply chain short and the best for not only consumers, but their employees and partner companies, too.


Photo above: Courtesy of Miakoda

These are just a few of our many favorite ethical brands, but a good place to start for those who are looking to introduce some different brands and styles to their closet with a focus on sustainability. Looking for more ways to make your wardrobe more “green”? Check out this article about downsizing your closet with a Capsule Wardrobe.


MiaDonna Team

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