The New Product Page & Builder

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For those of you that have been with us from the beginning, you know how much we’ve evolved over the last 10 years. From simple updates to nerve-racking platform migrations, we’ve done it all. And it's fair to say that nothing has been more rewarding than the launch of our current website that improved all aspects of the shopping experience through a suite of new functionality and features.

In just over two years, even our current website has seen much change. From a revised home page layout to updated product filtering functionality, we’re constantly evolving to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience. And we’re excited to announce that we’ve pushed our web store user experience another step forward, yet again.

Product Detail Page

In order to provide visitors with relevant information in a more consumable format, we redesigned our product detail page and product builder on both desktop and mobile.

Product Detail Page

Here are just a few noticeable updates:

1. Upgraded Image & Video Gallery

Our new image gallery adds a thumbnail carousel to give users a preview of images in a product series. In addition, we added a zoom modal view (in true Amazon style) where users can preview all product images, lifestyle, and 360-degree videos in one place. 

2. In-Depth Product Details

We realized that product information, and the ring building process itself was a little confusing in the old layout, so we created a new content accordion to provide the style summary, center stone options, how to build your jewelry, and optional extra information all in one, simple to locate, place.

3. Estimated Ship Date

Wondering when your order will arrive? We thought so! You can now see your estimated ship date directly on a product page.

4. Social Feed

See how our customers wear their MiaDonna styles with our shoppable Instagram feed. 

5. FAQ's

To make the decision process easier, we've added our most common questions to all product pages so users no longer need to search for an answer. 


Product Builder

While we’re positive you’ll find increased ease browsing our updated product pages, we’re really excited about our new Product Builder that makes building your dream ring straightforward, no matter the device.

Ring Builder

Here are a few notable upgrades to the Product Builder:

1. Constant Order Summary

A constant Order Summary that will update as you build your item allows you to see your item’s cost and components (metal type, stone selection, etc.) as you create your dream ring, band, or accessory.

2. Quicker Loose Stone Feed w/ Refinement Filters

Our new Product Builder is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous version from a speed perspective. Loose stones now load instantaneously upon your selection and the new viewing accordion allows you to compare multiple stones at once. Important information including grading and imagery can all be accessed in one place.

3. Side Stone Recommendation Engine

When building a three stone engagement ring or wedding set, you no longer have to search through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of lab-grown diamonds or gems to find the perfect match. Our new side stone recommendation filter automatically refines stone options based on your initial selection to serve up the best match in terms of the 4C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat).

There are many additional features and design improvements we’d love to tell you about, but we think you’ll have more fun giving it a shot for yourself. Check out our new product builder here or on any other product page. We hope you like it!