Diamond Color

When discussing a diamond’s color, we are referring to the whiteness, or lack of color present in the diamond itself. Most diamonds used in jewelry are nearly colorless with tints of yellow or brown.

For colorless diamonds there can still be a variation in color. On a scale from D (colorless) to X (light yellow). A "colorless" rated diamond allows more light to pass through the stone making it sparkle more and increases the overall value.

Fancy colored diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds are not graded on the same scale as colorless diamonds and are rarer, making them more valuable and expensive.

Diamond Color Scale

Color grades are determined by comparing each diamond to a master set. Each letter grade represents a range of color and is a measure of how noticeable a color is.

D Absolutely Colorless
E-F Colorless
G-H Near Colorless
I-J Near Colorless
K-M Noticeable Color
N-Z Noticeable Color

Which diamond color should I choose?

If you are a purist, look for a diamond graded colorless in the range of D-F to ensure your diamond has no discernible color.

If you are budget conscious, you can get a fantastic diamond value by choosing a G-I color diamond. Most often you will notice little or no color with the naked eye.

Diamond Color Scale