What Makes MiaDonna Engagement Rings Ethical?

Article by Anna
Anna Rojas

If you’re on the market for an ethical engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place. MiaDonna’s is the right choice for those looking for beautiful, affordable and conflict-free bridal jewelry. We believe in being transparent with all of our customers, so we’ve laid out the details on our ethical practices to make your buying decision easier.

Conflict-Free Stone Options

Our exquisite collection of lab-grown diamonds, lab-grown gemstones and Diamond Hybrid® simulants are guaranteed to be 100% conflict-free. They are more beautiful than any gemstone found in the Earth and come free of any negative environmental or social impact.

After decades of research and development, our scientist can now precisely replicate the Earth’s natural growing process of crystallizing carbon into brilliant lab-grown diamonds and lab-grown gemstones that are chemically, optically and physically identical to Earth-mined diamonds and gemstones. According to the Federal Trade Commission, these lab-grown stones cost 30 to 40 percent less than mined diamonds.

For a lower cost option that is just as brilliant, we offer the Diamond Hybrid. It is the most realistic looking diamond simulant on the market available at only $358 per carat. This stone is constructed of a crystal core and has lab-grown diamond infused on the outer layer, which is guaranteed to never wear off or detach from the core. It is guaranteed to be D to F in color and VVS1 to VS2 in clarity.

Click here to browse our Stone Guide and learn more about the technology and characteristics of our stones.

Conflict-Free Stones

Eco-Friendly Recycled Metals

No matter your color preference, rest assured that all of our rings are crafted from the finest eco-friendly recycled precious metals. Our recycled metals include gold, platinum and palladium that have been melted down to be reused in making fine jewelry.

Gold mining is an industry just as dirty as diamond mining and displace communities, contaminates drinking water, and generates lasting negative impacts on ecosystems. By using recycled metals, we guarantee you’ll love your ring for it’s beauty and be proud to wear it for the minimal impact on the environment. Click here to learn more about our eco-friendly recycled metals.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Precious Metals

Our Mission to Give Back

MiaDonna is a foundation-first organization. We proudly use at least 5 percent of profits from every sale to fund education, mentorship, agricultural, and urgent relief programs in diamond mining regions. Our charity foundation, The Greener Diamond, is an integral part of our mission to empower communities affected by the negative harms caused by diamond mining. Together, MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond spearhead the crusade for a socially responsible diamond industry, providing solutions to stop unethical diamond mining so that communities negatively impacted by the harvesting and trading of Earth-mined diamonds can heal and rebuild.

The Greener Diamond’s most recent project involves partnering with Youth Action International to support the Center for Women’s Empowerment in Liberia. Using basic education, alternative counseling and vocational training, the Center for Women’s Empowerment will provide a safe place for women to grow and alleviate the negative impact the civil war has had on them. We believe our support of this Center will jumpstart the success of a new generation of female leaders.

The Greener Diamond