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Diamond Foundry Available at MiaDonna

Looking for information on the Diamond Foundry? Want the inside scoop and how the diamond industry has evolved? Learn how MiaDonna collaborates with them to offer world-class Lab Created Diamonds to the world!

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100+ Engagement Ring Inscription Ideas That Aren’t Boring

Looking for the right words to engrave on your dream lab diamond engagement ring? There is so much to know and sometimes romantic clichés are not enough. In this article, get several non-boring engagement ring inscription ideas that you can confidently engrave on your ideal MiaDonna engagement ring. 


Why You Should Choose Lab-Created Diamonds

You have probably heard the news surrounding lab-created diamonds — these eco-friendly alternatives are taking the engagement ring market by storm. Fewer and fewer people can justify buying harmful, earth-mined diamonds over the ethical lab-created diamond alternative.   Lab-Grown Diamond...